The Art of Painting

A craftsman's guide to renewing interior woodwork


Bugged Out

The C.I.A. method of searching out and destroying cockroaches, pantry pests and other brazen bugs that dare to invade a house has nothing to do with the Central Intelligence Agency, but it's pretty darn sneaky. By David George Gordon

Big Brass Buttons

Doorknobs, cast and intricately carved by hand, were considered an art form a century ago. They still are, thanks to an anachronistic factory in — of all places — the middle of New York City. By Jack McClintock

Raise High the Flagpole, Carpenters

Just in time for the Fourth of July, TOH shows how simple this weekend project can be. By Victoria C. Rowan

An American Craftsman

A Florida based ceramicist converts everyday gates, sinks and mantels into sculpture. By Walt Harrington

Standing in the Backyard, Naked and Wet

Even in the cool climes, an outdoor shower turns the simple act of bathing into a sybaritic embrace with nature. Building one is not only deceptively simple but also easy on your wallet and marriage. By Jack McClintock

Safe Rooms

Burglars are unlikely to break in when someone's around, but home owners seeking peace of mind will find a bulletproof, bash-proof haven of steel and polycarbonate pure nirvana. By Curtis Rist

The Bath as Institution

This Old House helps a San Francisco couple build a bold bath with salvaged sheets of marble and porcelain, chrome trim, dark wood floors, and faucets that give new meaning to "pedal pushers." By Brad Lemley

Paint Like a Pro

A painter reveals his paint secrets for giving interior woodwork a slick surface, a coating that purposely falls short of looking as if it's been sprayed on. The walls aren't canvas, but this is art. By George Nash

The Poster: Sprinklers

Hose draggers, unite! For more than 100 years, portable sprinklers have made American lawns great. By Victoria C. Rowan

Around the house

Off The Wall

Start Spreading the News

Discover how mule plus horse equals fertilizer factory. One problem: Production exceeds consumption. By Jeanne Marie Laskas

Power Tool

Strike Up the Band Saw

No other tool can finesse fine scrolls, cut beveled curves and rip through thick beams with such speed, precision and quiet. By David Frane

Hand Tool

Machete Machismo

Hacking one's way through a backyard jungle unleashes the warrior instinct — and provides a pollution-free way to unwind. By Jeff Taylor


Fire In the Pit

A massive, gas powered monument to the joy of cooking outdoors means never having to wait for coals again. By Jack McClintock


Why MDF Now Gets Some Respect

Medium-density fiberboard is actually more dimensionally stable than solid wood, and itís a breeze to paint or rout. By Cynthia Sanz


Making Warranties Work

Climbing the consumer-compliant hierarchy pays off for those who keep careful records — especially receipts — and persevere. By Gary Belsky

The Money Pit

Paradise Found

Not even a towering stack of contractor's bills can change the fact that love is truly blind when it comes to the perfect house. By Brock Yates

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