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Q + A

Tightening wobbly balusters; fixing frosty roof nails; chimney fire prevention; cupola leaks; and more


Patch a carpet

Norm's tricks of the trade

Searching for studs; removing rusty screws; spaced-out siding

reader tool test

Mini drivers

Q + A

Tightening wobbly balusters; fixing frosty roof nails; chimney fire prevention; cupola leaks; and more


Patch a carpet

Norm's tricks of the trade

Searching for studs; removing rusty screws; spaced-out siding

reader tool test

Mini drivers

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9 ways to add charm and save cash

A home-renovation pro's secrets can help keep your remodel from turning into a money pit

50 nifty tricks for big DIY savings

Peruse our pragmatic list of penny-pinching tips to safe-guard your household budget idea file

before + after: kitchen

An open plan enhances its 1850s character

before + after: bath

A high-end look on a shoestring budget

photoshop redo

A ho-hum split-level goes Colonial in a virtual makeover

it's all in the details

With a period-perfect addition, an 1880s farmhouse gains function and flow

behind closed doors

Get a look inside a 105-year-old Renaissance Revival rowhouse filled with original woodwork upgrades


Glass doorknobs

price wise

Pull-down kitchen faucets

get this look

Farmhouse dining room

green house

Health-conscious cabinets

build it or buy it

Dresser-style sink cabinets

all about

Engineered wood floors

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paint ideas

Add drama to your walls with an oversized design

salvage style

Turn a fireplace front into a handsome log rack

home center project

Transform off-the-shelf bifold doors into a custom head- and footboard

whaddaya call it

How to speak toilet

weekend remodel

Install wall frames

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Bonus (p. 7)

iGoogle Gadget

Add the [ITALIC "TOH"] gadget to your iGoogle page [XLINK {http://www.google.com/ig/directory?hl=en%3Dgadgets%3Dwww.google.com/uds/gadgets/toh/toh.xml&type=gadgets&url=www.google.com/uds/gadgets/toh/toh.xml} {more}]

Money-Saving Bonus

Get a great kitchen for only $6,000. Plus, slash your heat bills by $2,000 and cut the cost of wainscoting in half [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/save-money} {more}]

Valentine's Day Ideas

12 affordable home-improvement gifts. Plus bed and bath for less [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/info/0,,20257598,00.html} {more}]

Easy Interior Makeovers

Tricks for hanging wall paper and 100s more upgrade tips [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/video} {more}]

Editor's Note (p. 9)

Reader Remodel Contest

Enter or Reader Remodel Contest for a chance to win $10,000 [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourtoh} {more}]

Checklist (p. 11)

Honey-do Coupon

Customize and print your own DIY gift [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/ecards} {more}]

Get Inspired

Find ideas for your next project [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/planning-and-ideas} {more}]

Get Organized

Get quick and easy organizing tips [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,1613143,00.html} {more}]

Home News (p. 15)

Tool News

See more tool coverage [XLINK {http://hardwareaisle.thisoldhouse.com/} {more}]

Home Solutions (p. 19)

Make One Yourself

See instructions on building a simple radiator cover [XLINK {20053533} {more}]

More 10 Uses

Learn new ways to use scrap materials and household items [XLINK {http://search.thisoldhouse.com/search.html?Ntt=10+uses&x=0&y=0} {more}]

Love This House?

See a slideshow of our June 2008 Reader Remodel Contest winner [XLINK {20204186} {more}]

Safer Stripping

Learn more about using chemical strippers safely [XLINK {20248403} {more}]

Send Us Your Tips

Post your tips [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/tips} {more}]

More Energy Savings

Utility bills emptying your wallet? Read our top 10 easy home fixes to save on your energy costs [XLINK {20169070} {more}]

Before + After: Kitchen (p. 33)

Modern Flow, Major Savings

Learn to install a tin ceiling yourself [XLINK {1564491} {more}]

Before + After: Bath (p. 38)

Budget Bath Revamp

See how a tub is professionally refinished [XLINK {1631531} {more}]

Shopping (p. 41)

Glass Doorknobs

Learn how to install knobs and a lockset [XLINK {1632455} {more}]

Paint Ideas (p. 44)

Add Style With an Oversized Pattern

Download a design [XLINK {20247637} {more}]

Salvage Style (p. 47)

Fancy Fireplace Fronts

See a step-by-step video of this project [XLINK {20247973} {more}]

Pricewise (p. 50)

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Learn how to install a pull-out kitchen faucet [XLINK {1189816} {more}]

Green House (p. 56)

Health-Conscious Cabinets

Pick the right cabinet style for your kitchen [XLINK {20170335} {more}]

Home Center Project (p. 60)

Build a Headboard from Bifold Doors

Follow a detailed step-by-step of this project [XLINK {20247633} {more}]

Whaddaya Call It? (p. 63)

How to Speak Toilet

How to fix a running toilet [XLINK {1638470} {more}]

How to fix a wobbly toilet [XLINK {1631558} {more}]

Build It or Buy It (p. 64)

Vintage-Look Dresser Vanity

Bath-vanity revamp [XLINK {20216016} {more}]

Picking a vanity fair [XLINK {218884} {more}]

Bath sinks: twice as nice [XLINK {194214} {more}]

Your top 10 bathrooms [XLINK {20200380} {more}]

Weekend Remodel (p. 67)

Install Wall Frames

Watch a video of this weekend remodel [XLINK {20247261} {more}]

It's All in the Details (p. 72)

An 1880s Farmhouse Gained Function and Flow

Learn how to age and glaze painted cabinets [XLINK {20176220} {more}]

9 Ways to Add Charm & Save Cash (p. 80)

A Home-Renovation Pro Shares Her Tricks of the Trade

See an even simpler wainscoting plan that uses 1x4 strips of stock lumber [XLINK {20247757} {more}]

50 Ways to Save $50 (p. 86)

See the Step-by-step for Installing a Dimmer, and Print a Buyer's Guide to Getting the Right Energy-Saving Bulb for Your Light

How to swap in a vintage light [XLINK {20058662} {more}]

Dim all the lights quietly [XLINK {568178} {more}]

Where to use CFLs [XLINK {20234872} {more}]

Energy efficient lighting options [XLINK {20162357} {more}]

Recycling compact fluorescent light bulbs [XLINK {20153575} {more}]

A green, well-lighted place [XLINK {1601763} {more}]

Your compact fluorescent light bulb problems solved [XLINK {20231533} {more}]

How to Score the Best Buys on Plants, Tools, and More

How to score the best buys on plants, tools, and more [XLINK {20247879} {more}]

How to Split, Stack, and Burn Your Logs Efficiently to Make the Most of Your Chilly-Weather Investment

Log splitting safety [XLINK {466581} {more}]

Good wood fires [XLINK {20164138} {more}]

Find Videos and Stories on Purchasing, Planting, Pruning, and Keeping a Tree in Good Health

Trees for small yards [XLINK {1613094} {more}]

Get the best deal on plants [XLINK {192490} {more}]

How to plant a tree [XLINK {20057716} {more}]

How to transplant a small tree [XLINK {1631593} {more}]

Water-saving yard and garden gear [XLINK {20048584} {more}]

The kindest cut[EMDASH]pruning small flowering trees [XLINK {440328} {more}]

Straightening a leaning tree [XLINK {1218649} {more}]

Working with a tree removal pro [XLINK {20224962} {more}]

Temporary transplanting tips [XLINK {1222510} {more}]

How to choose palm trees [XLINK {20052521} {more}]

How to fertilize fruit trees [XLINK {1097248} {more}]

Where to plant trees [XLINK {1585554} {more}]

Fall groundwork [XLINK {20056389} {more}]

Get the 411 on Using In-Stock Kitchen Cabinets to Make a Window Seat and on Building up Basic Trim for Custom-Look Door Casings

Build a custom-look window seat with kitchen cabinets [XLINK {20159107} {more}]

Build an inexpensive entertainment system [XLINK {339921} {more}]

Molding: A case for doors [XLINK {1589742} {more}]

Hanging kitchen cabinets [XLINK {197870} {more}]

[ITALIC "TOH"] TV (p. 94)

Behind Closed Doors

Watch the webcam to see what [ITALIC "TOH"] master carpenter Norm Abram and host Kevin O'Connor are up to at the Brooklyn project [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv/current-house-project/webcam} {more}]

See modern products that mimic original details [XLINK {20247142} {more}]

All About (p. 100)

Engineered Wood Floors

How to install a floating floor [XLINK {1055047} {more}]

How to lay a vinyl tile floor [XLINK {595318} {more}]

Ask This Old House (p. 100)

Patch a Carpet

Learn how to silence carpeted floors that squeak [XLINK {20045284} {more}]

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