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before + after: kitchen

A thoughtful plan is the recipe for a more efficient cook space

before + after: man cave

Creature comforts replace a bunker-like storage area

before + after: attic

An unused upstairs lands a role as a cozy master suite and office

budget redo

Paint and vintage-style touches transform a cramped kitchen

paint ideas

Shades and strategies to bring out the best in any small room

built-in charm

Every possession in a 1946 Cape gets a place it can call home

read this before you finish your basement

Learn how to maximize your below-ground space's potential




Space-saving tables

get this look for less

British Colonial powder room

trade secrets revealed

Eighteen ways the wisdom of top pros can enlighten your next project—and save you time and money

all about


home solutions


home solutions

Create a stylish mirror frame; 10 uses for vodka; what to buy now for big savings; healing help for your hands; and more

TOH tv


the truth about efficient lighting

Lessons from the project house can help dim your energy bills

how-to projects


weekend remodel

Serve your guests in style with a furniture-grade bar you build yourself

ask this old house


Q + A

Salvage old cabinet parts to make new ones; minimize the cool-air influx when the heat comes on; clear snow-blocked ridge vents; and more


Patch a vinyl floor

Norm's tricks of the trade

Remove corner beads before installing window trim; use a utility knife to score wood with precision

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letter from This Old House

New and old and new


Easy ways to improve your home right now

The 2012 Reader Remodel Contest begins!

save this old house

A Folk Victorian cottage in Athens, Ga., is free for the moving


Enter our contest!

Reader Mail
Learn the secret to stripping old paint from hinges and knobs
See the porch storage bench from August 2011
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Home Solutions
Share your clever ideas for an everyday item for a chance to be in our reader-created issue

Before + After: Kitchen
Enter your kitchen or bath redo in our Reader Remodel Contest
Find 14 smart kitchen-storage ideas

Before + After: Man Cave
See a photo gallery of masculine spaces

Before + After: Attic
Enter your revamped room or house in our upcoming Reader Remodel Contest

Budget Redo
Enter your own budget redo in our upcoming Reader Remodel Contest

Paint Ideas
Enter your transformed-with-paint project in our Reader Remodel Contest

Weekend Remodel: Install Wainscoting
Watch a step-by-step video of this project
Upload pictures of your DIY handiwork for a chance to appear in our July issue

Built-in Charm
Submit your renovation to our Reader Remodel Contest

Read This Before You Finish Your Basement
Show us your basement or family room redo for a chance to win cash in our Reader Remodel Contest
Watch a video of Tom Silva building basement walls

All About Wallpaper
See how to hang wallpaper the right way
Post ideas for what you'd like to see in All About

Ask This Old House
Submit your questions to our experts

Save This Old House
• Got a house to save? Tell us about it and we might include it in our July reader-created issue

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