Designing a Dream Kitchen

Learn how to get all the elements of a cook's paradise without the snobbery


The Grand Illusion

Behind the Milton dream house's distinguished Colonial good looks lies a multitude of high-tech materials and modern amenities.By Brad Lemley

Horse Logging in Maine

As a pulp logger, Jim Carville clear-cut forests with fearsome machines. Now he works alone — except for a pair of Belgian Percherons that can drag felled logs with ballerinalike delicacy.By Brad Lemley

A Cellar for the Buyer

Wine cellars aren't just for snobs. Properly converting a closet, nook or— in the case of the Milton dream house — basement cubbyhole is a smart way to keep any wine from turning into vinegar.By Jack McClintock

The Year is 1637...

To imagine life in the 17th century, look at a few of the remaining houses built before the American Revolution— minus comfy chairs, indoor plumbing, roomy additions, central heating and just about anything else you take for granted. Life may have been simpler, but it wasn't easier.By Verlyn Klinkenborg

Cook's Tour

A kitchen should be for the cook, above all. So who better to consult on designing the Milton dream kitchen than Americais favorite cook, Julia Child? The PBS doyenne drops in for a taste.By Brad Lemley

An American Craftsman

A good door is nice, but a Good door— built by Peter Good— is even better. After creating more than 500 custom doors, he can turn any clientis wild idea into a portal of dreams.By Walt Harrington

Sprinkle Sprinkle, Little Star

Fire sprinklers can save lives and houses, but who can afford one of these costly systems? You can, if you place sprinklers where they spray most effectively.By Curtis Rist

The Poster: Identifying Trees In Winter

Just as we're bundling up, trees are stripping bare. By their silhouettes we shall know them.By Jeanne Huber

Around the house

Power Tool

Thrill of the Drill

Plugged into a steady, limitless power supply, a cord turns a drill into a tireless assistant.By Mark Feirer

Hand Tool

Combo Square or Rafter-Angle?

Part protractor, marking gauge, level and steel rule, the old-fashioned combination square values grace and precision over speed. But speed is good too.By Jeff Taylor


Splish Splash, I Was Tiling a Bath

The secret to aligning all those little squares with symmetry, precision and a minimum of cursing is revealed.By Mark Feirer


Stuck on Glue

Old-style glues made from animal hides still work fine, but synthetic formulas keep getting stronger, faster and more weather-resistant.By Peter Jensen


Bypassing the Bank

Mortgage hunters can make a killing by going through brokerage houses, railroads and other cash-rich businesses.By Patricia E. Berry


Adding Fireplaces

Dollar for dollar, the best house investment you can make.By Dennis Wedlick

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