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Finding Sliding Door Replacement Parts

Our Step-by-step shows you how to go from sticky to smooth in a few easy steps. But what do you do if you need replacement parts?

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First, you'll need to know your door's size and "hanging." For size, measure the height and width of the sliding panel's exposed glass. To determine handing, look at the closed door from the outside. If the sliding panel is on the tight, your door is "right-handed." Your best source of replacement parts will be the retailers that sell new doors of the same make as yours. The manufacturer's name is usually stamped on the hardware or etched in a corner of the glass.

Lightweight and relatively frail, sliding screens are often the most problem-plagued component of a sliding-door assembly. While the basic maintenance steps are the same, there are a few crucial differences.

• When removing the door, move it to the center of the opening and lift it off the bottom track first. When replacing it, insert it into the bottom track last.

• Some screen rollers can't be removed; they have to be cleaned and lubricated in place. Also, check the top of the screen. Some have top rollers or springs that need cleaning.

• Screens slide in a separate plastic track mounted to the top of the door frame. Make sure the track is secure; if it's loose, glue it in place every 3 to 4 inches with an adhesive meant for plastic.

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Sliding-Door Tune-up


Sliding-Door Tune-up

Sliding-Door Tune-up

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