Stay Warm, Stay Dry

What you need to know about the seemingly straightforward process of building dormers



Fancy Cuts

Laser saws rekindle the ancient craft of inlaid floors.By Max Alexander


Silencing the Staircase

A few minor repairs make for a quieter climb.By Zachary Gaulkin

By Design

Desk Job

A movable piece adds functionality to the kitchen.By Ryan Robbins


Baring All

Remove paint safely and effectively with chemical strippers.By Jeanne Huber


Garage Garret

Husband and wife convert an outbuilding into an art studio.By Terry Moffatt

Talking Shop

Splitting Wares

Logs don't have a prayer against these sharp tools.By Clayton DeKorne


Fix-Up Funds

Obtaining construction and renovation loans.By Sarah L. Rolberts-Witt


Homeowner's Handbook

Framing a Partition Wall

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva's technique for erecting an interior dividing wall. By Scott Gibson

Peak Performance

Installing the roof and dormers at the TV show's Manchester project house. By Jefferson Kolle

Firehouse Rescue

This artist's masterpiece is his new home—a restored and revamped 1851 fire station. By Ryan Robbins

All Systems Go

Making room for the mechanicals at This Old House Magazine's Timeless Home project. By Travis Neighbor Ward

A Tree for All Seasons

Opt for a live evergreen this Christmas, then plant it in the yard for year-round enjoyment. By Max Alexander


On the Job

Tom Silva gets high the legal way—with scaffolding.

House Calls With Steve

Respectfully updating an heirloom home's kitchen.

Ask the Expert

Making a mosaic, powering a dead outlet, and ventilating a roof.

Letter from This Old House

Our editor on the hard-won joys of home ownership.

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