Get More Curb Appeal

Boost your home's value by making it a little easier on the eyes


Ask This Old House

Brick walkway patterns; deck railing fix; gutter TLC; and more Q&A

Skill Building

Straight cuts through big timbers; installing and painting wood beadboard

Norm's Notebook

TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook gives Norm Abram a few lessons in using hand pruners

Resource Directory

Find the products and services featured in this issue


Small Yard, Big Impact

Your postage-stamp lot may have more potential than you think; here's how to maximize it

We Said We Wanted a Diamond in the Rough...

How one couple took a cosmetically wrecked, split-up Queen Anne back to a gracious single-family home

Hands-on Hardware

A factory tour reveals the hallmarks of fine-quality brass doorknobs and handles

Back to Nature

Building a sustainable landscape is key to the green renovation at TOH TV's project house. Learn how to create one in y our home territory

Curb Appeal

Check out our portfolio of befores-and-afters and see how much some exterior upgrades boost a home's value


Bath Design

Dividing up the long, narrow space made this new master bath feel bigger


Stylish pathway lighting


Wood newels

Around My House

Her idea of "country home" was living more than a block from a cappucino. He had a different dream in mind


Revive that tired, mossy gray deck with a good cleaning and restaining


The dope on discouraging deer from razing your garden

How It Works

A drywell is just the thing to keep rainwater runoff in check


Hand pruners

Homeowner's Handbook

Building a raised planting bed

Save This Old House

This set-in-amber 19th-century farmhouse in Maine is waiting for you


SI Homeowner

Inside Men's Dens….more 95+ How-to Videos....more Crown Molding Tips....[XLINK {1541051} {more}]

Bonus Features (p. 10)

How-To Projects

Find more than 50 step-by-step projects, from installing a lamppost to seeding a lawn....more

Bonus Features (p. 10)

Trump the Joneses

Why just keep up with the neighbors when you can blow them away with curb appeal....more

Got Kids?

Dozens of ideas and products for making your home safe, comfortable, and fun for the little ones....[XLINK {1598726} {more}]

Bonus Features (p. 10)

Bath Design Problems Solved

See stories and photos of how fellow homeowners faced their bath design challenges....more

Bath Design (p. 25)

How to Design Small Baths So They Feel Roomier

Our tips range from the practical[EMDASH]use a pocket door to the psychological[EMDASH]choose one large mirror....more

Luxuries (p. 29)

How to Put in Landscape Lighting

A step-by-step guide to illuminating a walkway....more

New Turns for Old Newels (p. 36)

Cast-Iron Newel Posts

With their massive profiles and intricate designs, these architectural beacons of the urban stoop are at once imposing and graceful....more

Posts With a Past

Vintage cast-iron newels can anchor an entry and more....more

Not My Dream House (p. 39)

Home improvement wrecking your relationship?....more

Hand Pruners (p. 45)

The Kindest Cut

How and when to prune small trees and shrubs....more

Online Video

Watch a video of TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook deer-proofing a yard....[XLINK {1182276} {more}]

Spruce Up Your Deck (p. 55)

Take a look at some of our favorite deck designs....more Guide to decking materials....more

Calculate the size drywell you need....more Watch a video of TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook installing drywell....[XLINK {1192717} {more}]

Building a Raised Planting Bed (p. 61)

Installing Drip Irrigation

For an east, efficient watering solution, learn to install drip irrigation....more

Small Yard Big Impact (p. 69)

Ideas for Foundation Plantings

The plantings closest to your home should play up its assets and soften its hard edges....more

Online Video

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates how to install a handrail....[XLINK {1187093} {more}]

Hands-On Hardware (p. 85)

Installing a Lockset

A step-by-step guide from This Old House master carpenter Norm Abram....more

Back to Nature (p. 90)

Native Plant Listings

For links to native plant societies around the country....more

Step-by Step instructions for sprucing up your entry with paint, trim, and hardware....more

Norm's Notebook (p. 111)

Choosing and Using Pruners

Tools and techniques to keep your plants looking their best....more

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