Colonial Makeover

Check out a 1920s Colonial's transformation from rundown fixer-upper to modern-day home steeped in tradition



Power Shower

Body jets and steam units boost the pleasure quotient.By John Riha

Talking Shop

Compost Haste

Turn food and lawn scraps into garden nourishment. By Clayton DeKorne

By Design

Vantage Point

A cozy balcony makes for a room with a wider view. By Joe Carter


The Silent Treatment

Taking the squeak out of wood floors.By Erica Sanders


Le Retro Feat

A couple give the family farmhouse some French accents.By Lou Harry


The Forest for the Trees

Certified lumber helps safeguard old-growth timber.By Jeanne Huber


The Realtor Truth

How to work with a real estate broker. By Elyse Mall Klayman


Special Report: Wired for Work

Creating an efficient home office, from custom cabinetry to smart lights and fast cables.By Ian Austen

Homeowner's Handbook

Engineered Wood Floors

Flooring expert Jeff Hosking shows how easy it is to install this tough man-made flooring.By Mark Feirer

A Fine Finish

This Old House completed Charlestown project mixes classic style with modern convenience. By Jefferson Kolle

Plan of Action

An in-depth look at what needs doing in and around This Old House Florida project house. By Pat Jordan

A Stroll Through West Palm Beach, Florida

A revitalized downtown and an array of period homes make this Gold Coast town worth a visit.By Joshua David

Fencing Match

This Massachusetts home's fence installation is picket perfect. By Max Alexanders

LA Residential

A 1920s Colonial loses a pool and gains lots of living space for a family of four. By Julia Claiborne Johnson

Poster: Stair Railings

An array of balustrades, plus the design elements (and building codes) that go into their making. By Bo Niles



Some influential This Old House fans give the show guys access to adventure.

House Calls With Steve

A kitchen re-do makes entertaining more inviting.

Ask the Expert

Backyard logging, tiling over tile, and pre-primer paint prep.

Letter from This Old House

Producer Bruce Irving bids a project goodbye-again.

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