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TruGreen Review: Oklahoma City, OK Lawn Care

Oklahoma City residents can look to TruGreen for the top fertilization and weed control services.

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Oklahoma City residents have it tricky when it comes to lawn care. The transition zone means that both warm- and cool-season grasses are suitable, but they have to be maintained and nurtured carefully. An easy, efficient way to make sure they get the TLC they need is hiring a professional lawn care company.

The This Old House Reviews Team has evaluated many lawn care companies in Oklahoma City to help you find the best company for your needs. We’ve created this comprehensive TruGreen review, detailing the company’s availability, services, and more. This Old House Reviews Team believes it’s the top lawn care company for Oklahoma City homeowners. To get a free quote, call 866-817-2287 or fill out this easy form.

TruGreen Plans and Services

TruGreen has a wide selection of lawn care plans, offering all five of its annual programs in the area. The most popular programs include the TruHealth℠ Lawn Care Plan, TruComplete℠ Lawn Care Plan, and TruSignature℠ Lawn Care Plan. TruSignature is the most comprehensive plan.

Breakdown of Plans & Services

Services TruHealth Lawn Care Plan TruComplete Lawn Care Plan TruSignature Lawn Care Plan
Services TruHealth Lawn Care Plan TruComplete Lawn Care Plan TruSignature Lawn Care Plan
Lime soil amendment
Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
Aeration -
Overseeding* -
Tree and shrub services - -

*The TruComplete Lawn Care Plan and TruSignature Lawn Plan only offer overseeding for fescue lawns.

The standard TruMaintenance℠ Lawn Care Plan includes fertilization and pre-emergent and targeted weed control. The TruNatural℠ Lawn Care Plan uses natural fertilizer.

TruGreen Availability in Oklahoma City

TruGreen has one branch location in Oklahoma City, located less than 15 minutes from downtown.

  • Oklahoma City: 7016 Camille Avenue, Oklahoma, OK 73149

TruGreen Serviced Zip Codes

TruGreen services the following zip codes, among others:

  • 73026 / 73069 / 73070 / 73071 / 73072: Norman
  • 73065: Newcastle
  • 73066: Nicoma Park
  • 73068: Noble
  • 73078: Piedmont
  • 73080: Purcell
  • 73139 / 73141 / 73142 / 73149 / 73150 / 73151 / 73159 / 73160 / 73162 / 73165 / 73169 / 73170 / 73173 / 73179: Oklahoma City
  • 73401: Ardmore
  • 73705: Enid
  • 74801 / 74804: Shawnee
  • 74820: Ada
  • 74857: Newalla

TruGreen Reviews

TruGreen has built its reputation over nearly 50 years in the industry. Here’s what some real customers had to say.

“Since we started using Trugreen a couple of years ago I have seen a real difference in the appearance of our yard, greener thicker grass and very few weeds. After wasting a lot of time and money trying to do my own lawn maintenance I believe that Trugreen is a very good value to our investment in our home. And we have recommended you to friends and neighbors. Thank you.” —Brent H.

“At the start of the season my lawn was almost all weeds. Within the first month all the weeds were gone and my lawn was greener. It made me happy to look at it every time I went outside.” —Judy M.

“I wish I could upload a before and after photo!! My front lawn went from straw and weeds to the nicest lawn on the street!! Thank you Trugreen!!” — Darci F.

Why You Should Choose TruGreen

TruGreen is a leader in the industry, offering a range of plans in every state except for Alaska. Read on to learn more about its benefits.

  • Commitment to customer service: TruGreen offers 24/7 customer support during the week, a mobile app, and an online chat function.
  • Professional analysis: Every service begins with a Healthy Lawn Analysis® to assess your lawn’s individual needs. After each visit, your lawn care specialist will leave a detailed service summary at your door recapping what they’ve done and sharing any tips.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: For full-program customers, TruGreen service is backed by the company’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee. A TruGreen lawn care specialist will come back to your lawn as many times as needed between applications to re-treat at no additional cost.
  • Expert specialists: TruGreen offers scientifically-backed services performed by TruExpert℠ Certified Specialists. Each of them must pass the 10-day TruExpert Lawn Certification Program, an intensive course that covers topics including horticulture, agronomics, and safety.
  • Wide selection of plans: Unlike many of its competitors, TruGreen offers several different annual programs in addition to its a la carte services.

How to Get a Free TruGreen Estimate

To get a free quote from TruGreen, call 866-817-2287 or fill out this easy form.

Oklahoma City Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to lawn care, Oklahoma City homeowners should know they live in a transition zone—which means they experience a lot of seasonal variety, and a combination of northern and southern weather. Because of that, knowing whether to plant cool-season grasses or warm-season grasses can be tricky. Here are some of the top options:

  • Bermudagrass: This fine-textured warm-season grass has great heat and drought tolerance, and can weather winter well.
  • Zoysia grass: This dense warm-season grass thrives in the sunlight and has good tolerance for wear and tear.
  • Tall fescue: This adaptable cool-season grass can do well in shaded sites that warm-season grasses can’t tolerate.

Lawn care is important year-round, especially in places with such variable weather. Here are some lawn care tips for Oklahoma City by season:

  • Fall: You won’t need to water as frequently, but don’t stop altogether. Rake any fallen leaves and break up any thatch to make sure your soil has easy access to nutrients, air, and water. Consider fertilizing your cool-season grass towards the end of this season.
  • Winter: Keep your lawn clear of debris and avoid excessive foot traffic.
  • Spring: Apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from springing up. Spring is a good time to overseed if you have any bare patches.
  • Summer: Instead of watering once or twice a week, water deeply every other day so that your lawn gets 1-1.5 inches and doesn’t get the chance to dry out.

Frequently Asked Questions about TruGreen in OKC

How much do TruGreen services cost?

The cost of your TruGreen services will depend on a variety of factors, including the condition of your lawn when service begins, the size and shape of your lawn, the location you live in, and the treatment plan you choose.

Should I water my lawn before or after a TruGreen application?

TruGreen recommends you water your lawn after an application, not before.

When can I return to the serviced area?

TruGreen recommends people and pets wait for 1-2 hours after the application dries to return to the treated area. However, factors like low temperatures and high humidity may increase the length of time they need to wait.

Does TruGreen have a service guarantee?

TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee for full-program customers ensures that if you have any issues between scheduled treatments, a lawn care specialist will return to your home to re-treat at no additional charge.

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