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Trim Evergreen Trees

Photo by Lya_Cattel/E+/Getty Images

If they need shaping, give juniper and pine trees a light trim now, after they've established their new spring growth.

Know Your Storm Plan

Photo by Paul Simcock/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Confirm the location of your gas and water shutoff valves and learn how to turn off the electricity, in case of severe summer weather.

Clean Bathroom Fans

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Give yours a refresher by removing the cover and wiping it and the blades with a damp cloth. Be sure to disconnect the power at the circuit breaker first.

Test Garage Doors

Photo by Laurence Dutton/Stone/Getty Images

To keep kids safe, check the auto-reverse feature by placing a block of wood in each door's path; if it doesn't bounce back after hitting the wood, call a pro.

Weed Smarter

Photo by Mark de Leeuw/Getty Images

Hand-pulling is easier after a summer rain, thanks to softened soil. For dry weeding, use a hoe to cut just below the soil line.

Tackle Sidewalk Mildew

Photo by Mats Persson/E+/Getty Images

Concrete looking grimy? Spray with outdoor mildew remover before scrubbing away. Hose the area generously before and after to prevent damage to surrounding plants.

Fill in the Garden

Photo by Ellen Rooney/Getty Images

Bare spots in your beds? Add groupings of container plants to fill them out. Since potted plants dry out faster than those in the ground, add water-retaining crystals to the potting mix to keep the soil moist.

Turn off the Sprinklers

Photo by Enrico Fianchini/Getty Images

Avoid a soggy lawn by tapering off watering two to three days before hosting a cookout.

Refresh Mulch

Photo by skhoward/Getty Images

Adding a new layer will brighten up garden beds. If you've already got a good 1 to 2 inches down, give it a stir to revive the color.

Add Some Light

Photo by Joe Fox/Getty Images

Use solar lamps or lanterns to illuminate walkways or steps so that guests unfamiliar with the terrain can find their footing.

Edge Garden Beds

Photo by Ron Evans/Getty Images

Use a half-moon edger to create crisp, clean lines around beds and borders.