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Idea House Build: High Tech Heat | Farmhouse in Fairfield (E3)

The farmhouse is beginning to take shape as Chris learns about the advanced plumbing and HVAC systems that have been put in place. Up on the roof, tubular-style skylights will direct natural light into the space below.

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In this episode:

There’s a lot going on in Fairfield, and the farmhouse is beginning to take shape. Plumber Brian shows Chris what he’s been working on now that [to prepare for] the on-demand water heaters have been installed. He’s swapped out standard PVC for a material specifically designed for flu gas, and has chosen an arrangement that requires only one roof penetration.

Down in the basement, Chris learns why this house will benefit from three HVAC systems as opposed to one. This arrangement offers a lot of control to the homeowners; the system is sophisticated enough to maintain set comfort levels amidst outdoor temperature swings. Up on the roof, a tubular-style skylight is installed to drive natural light into the hallway below.

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About the Idea House Build Series:

Join This Old House Pro2Pro Editor Chris Ermides as we chronicle the build of the 2020 Idea Houses in two new video series, Idea House Build: Cottage on the Cape and Idea House Build: Farmhouse in Fairfield County. Follow along as we document everything from breaking ground to the home transformation journey, as well as inspire and educate about the latest products and trends in the industry.