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Weatherization Tools

Lots of the tools used in weatherization work are common to contracting work, but some are specialized and used for the testing of a home's utilities and systems

a man using a digital temperature gauge to test a duct system

Many tools are used to weatherize houses. Some of the more common tools are also used by carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, so you may have used them in the construction trades.

There are also lots of specialty tools that have been developed for use in weatherization work. Most of these are used for measuring the condition of the house and its appliances, and they will help you to make a house operate more efficiently and save energy dollars for a homeowner.

Knowing how to operate tools safely is the key in doing your work. It's also very important that tools are maintained and stored properly.

Download a study guide to go with this video.

These materials are adapted from Wx Workforce Training, a video-based weatherization training service.


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