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How to Install A Low-Cost Lawn Sprinkler

In this how-to video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook offers an easy, affordable way to water your grass.


In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to install a low-cost lawn sprinkler.


1. Use long string to determine number and location of sprinkler heads.
2. Dig hole for sprinkler head, shovel topsoil onto a tarp; save sod for replacement later.
3. Hold sprinkler head in place and partially backfill around it with excavated topsoil.
4. Add gravel around sprinkler head and male quick-connect fitting.
5. Set protective ring and cover over male quick-connect fitting.
6. Add more topsoil to hole, then patch around the sprinkler head with saved sod.
7. Attach garden hose to sprinkler head using quick-connect fitting.
8. Turn on water and adjust spray-range of sprinkler.



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