How to Fix a Leaky Basement Wall

In this how-to video, learn how to fix a basement leak with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to repair a basement wall leak around a drainpipe.


1 Spread drop cloth on floor in work area.
2 Use sledgehammer and cold chisel to chip away mortar from around the drainpipe.
3 Remove any wooden forms found in the wall.
4 Clean debris from hole.
5 Partially fill the hole with chunks of rubble.
6 Mix up a bucket of hydraulic cement.
7 Put on latex gloves, then pack the cement into hole by hand.
8 Use the trowel to force in cement into the hole.
9 Smooth cement patch flush with wall, making sure to fill all depressions.
10 Wash bucket and tools with water.
11 Fold up drop cloth and carry away leftover debris.


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