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How to Choose Roses

Picking the prettiest, hardiest roses for your yard with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to pick the prettiest and hardiest roses for your garden.

1. Hybrid T roses have long stems with single blooms.
Very pretty, but must be sprayed with a fungicide throughout the early spring.
2 Floribunda roses are shorter than Hybrid T, but are much hardier and produce many buds for bursts of color.
3 Landscape shrub roses are disease-resistant and the hardiest of all roses.
4 For specific information, read the grower's tags attached to each plant.
There, you'll find details regarding the plant's height, foliage, color, fragrance, and petal-count.
5 Low-petal-count roses produce open, delicate flowers.
High-petal-count roses produce flowers that are fuller, thicker, and more fragrant.
6 For planting along a fence or trellis, buy climber roses.
Note, however, that climber roses don't have tendrils and so they must be tied to the structure.


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