How to Choose the Right Paintbrush

Painting contractor Jeff Young shares tips for picking the perfect brush

In this video, painting contractor Jeff Young shares tips for picking the perfect brush.

1. For oil-based paints, use a China bristle brush, which has natural, animal-hair bristles.
2. To apply water-based latex paints, use a synthetic brush that has bristles made of nylon and polyester.
3. Synthetic bristle brushes can also be used for oil-based paints.
4. Good-quality paintbrushes have metal ferrules that are securely nailed to wooden handles. The ferrules on cheap brushes are often crimped onto plastic handles.
5. The bristles of quality brushes feel soft and resilient, not stiff. And they have flagged ends.
6. Cheap paintbrushes typically have fewer bristles than more expensive brushes.
7. Square-cut brushes are good for coating large, broad surfaces, such as siding.
8. Angle-cut sash brushes offer superior control when painting windows, doors and in corners.

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