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In this video, an expert installs and demonstrates quick, effective ways to safeguard children around the home.


1. Prevent kids from getting into kitchen and bath cabinets by installing a one-piece latch. Screw the latch to inside of each cabinet door. Position the latch so that it will pop up behind the cabinet face frame when the door is closed.
2. Remove the knobs from a cooking range, and install a hinged knob cover over the protruding metal shaft. Replace the original knob, then snap closed the cover.
3. Unscrew standard outlet cover from electrical wall outlet and replace it with a self-closing outlet cover.
4. Stand an expandable window guard on windowsill and extend it to fit tight within the window. Screw the guard to each side jamb.
5. To prevent furniture from tipping over screw an L-shaped bracket to each side of cabinet and into the baseboard.
6. Install a swinging childproof gate at the top and bottom of each staircase. If that’s not possible, place the gate in the nearest doorway that leads to the staircase.