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When The Lights Go Out

Photo by jonathansloane/E+/Getty

Stormy weather accounts for more than 60 percent of electrical outages. Your best defense against the dark: handy gadgets that will help you and your family get through the night without leaving you feeling so...powerless. Read on for items to keep nearby just in case.

All-Weather Radio

Photo by Andrew McCaul

This trusty device bests your smartphone when it comes to delivering info on emergency conditions. Thanks to three different power sources—battery, solar, and hand crank—you'll never be wanting for news updates. About $40;

Cell-Phone Charger

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Without working outlets, your battery is bound to drain—not good if you need to make an emergency call. Consider a charger that juices up via a manual crank ($70; or a battery-powered one that can hold its full charge for up to a year. About $60;

Can Opener and Lighter

Photo by Andrew McCaul

If you're relying on nonperishables for food, a manual can opener is a necessity. About $15; Keep a lighter on hand, too, in case you need to light your gas stove or fire up the grill for cooking. About $20;

Waterproof Lantern

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Flashlights are fine for walking around the house, but they might not produce enough light to sufficiently illuminate a room. Choose a durable lantern like this one, which is made to brave camping conditions. About $90;

Tripod Flashlight

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Gripping legs and magnetic feet help this flashlight hang on hands-free so that you can see and do. About $30;

Auto Night-Light

Photo by Andrew McCaul

This plug-in lamp turns on automatically when the power goes out, so you can see where you're walking. About $15;