Because Fresno’s summers are hot and dry, important home systems and appliances, such as your air conditioning, fans, refrigerator, and freezer, should remain in good working order. To ensure these items are protected if they unexpectedly break down from normal wear and tear, consider investing in a home warranty plan. A home warranty can help protect you from paying for unexpected repair or replacement costs when covered items break down over the course of normal use.

To help you find the best home warranty for your home, the This Old House Reviews Team researched some of the top home warranty companies in California and compared them on coverage, plans, and pricing. Keep reading for our top home warranty picks for Fresno residents.

Top 4 Home Warranty Companies in Fresno

The highest-rated home warranty companies in Fresno, CA, include:

American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS) is our recommendation for the best overall home warranty company in Fresno. This respected provider has nearly 50 years of industry experience and offers three comprehensive home protection plans that cover a variety of systems and appliances, including your refrigerator, air conditioning, and dishwasher.

American Home Shield offers three plans: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. Unlike many other companies, AHS’ three plans cover damage resulting from rust, corrosion, sediment, insufficient maintenance, improper repairs, and pre-existing conditions. Compare American Home Shield’s coverage plans below.

American Home Shield Plans

Air conditioner
Heating unit
Built-in exhaust, vent, and attic fans
Main breaker and fuse panel box
Doorbells and chimes
Interior electrical lines
Ceiling fans
Garage door openers
Interior plumbing lines
Faucets and valves
Whirlpool tub motor and components
Water heater
Built-in microwave oven
Garbage disposal
Instant hot/cold water dispenser
Roof leak repairs

You can also purchase add-on coverage for the following items:

  • Pool or spa
  • Well pump
  • Septic pump
  • Guest unit (under 750 square feet)
  • Electronics protection plan

American Home Shield Prices

American Home Shield offers three service call fees: $75, $100, and $125. You can choose a service fee of $100 or $125 in return for a reduced monthly premium. Below are sample quotes for AHS plans with a $75 service call fee.

PlanMonthly Premium

To get a free quote specific to your home, call AHS at 844-529-9298 or fill out this easy online form.

Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty offers the lowest deductible, or service call fee, of any provider on our list. The combination of a low service call fee with a competitive monthly premium makes Select a budget-friendly choice for many homeowners.

Similar to other home warranty providers, Select offers three coverage plans. Its Bronze Care plan covers appliances, such as your refrigerator and dishwasher, while the Gold Care plan covers important home systems, such as your air conditioning and heating. The Platinum Care plan covers both systems and appliances and adds on coverage for plumbing stoppages, garage door openers, and ceiling fans.

Select Home Warranty Plans

CoverageBronze CareGold CarePlatinum Care
Electrical system
Heating system
Plumbing system
Water heater
Garbage disposal
Built-in microwave
Clothes washer
Clothes dryer
Garage door openers
Plumbing stoppages
Ceiling fans

All of Select’s plans come with free roof leak coverage, but you can also add coverage for an extra fee each month for the following items:

  • Central vacuum
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Pool
  • Septic system
  • Spa
  • Stand-alone freezer
  • Sump pump
  • Well pump

Select Home Warranty Prices

With every Select Home Warranty plan, you’ll pay a service fee of $75 during a repair or replacement. Along with two free months of coverage, this makes Select’s plans an excellent deal for homeowners who are on a budget. Below are some sample quotes from Select Home Warranty for its three coverage plans.

Plan Pricing Breakdown

PlanMonthly Premium
Bronze Care$41.00
Gold Care$41.00
Platinum Care$47.00

If you’d like to find out how much a Select Home Warranty plan will cost you, call 888-370-3956 or fill out this easy online form for a free estimate.

Cinch Home Services

Along with its three home warranty plans, Cinch Home Services offers a variety of perks, such as water sensor coverage and discounts on new appliances. It also offers a 180-day workmanship guarantee on its technicians’ repairs, which is six times longer than the industry average of 30 days.

Similar to American Home Shield, Cinch provides customers with three coverage plans. It offers a plan for home appliances, a plan for systems, and a plan for both.

Cinch Home Services Plans

CoverageAppliancesBuilt-In SystemsComplete Home
Clothes dryer
Clothes washer
Food center (built-in)
Free-standing ice maker
Microwave (built-in)
Range exhaust hood
Trash compactor (built-in)
Wall oven
Air conditioning including ductwork
Attic fans
Ceiling fans
Central vacuum
Electrical system
Garage door openers
Garbage disposal
Heating system including ductwork
Instant hot/cold water dispenser
Plumbing system
Smoke detectors
Sump pump
Water heater
Whirlpool/Jetted tub (built-in)
Air conditioner or water filter credit
Water sensor
Homeowners insurance deductible reimbursement

All plans come with coverage for water sensors and air conditioner or water filter credits. You can also add on coverage for the following items:

  • Pool (heater included)
  • Spa (heater included)
  • Pool with spa (heater included)
  • Septic tank/pumping
  • Well pump
  • Premier Upgrade Package

Cinch Home Services Prices

Cinch lets you choose a service call fee of $100, $125, or $150 based on how frequently you expect to request service. Compare Cinch’s monthly premiums relative to the different service fees in the chart below.

Plan$100 Service Fee$125 Service Fee$150 Service Fee
Built-in Systems$40.00$46.00$56.00
Complete Home$35.00$40.00$50.00

Home warranty prices may vary by location and home size, so call Cinch at 844-979-0899 or fill out this simple online form to get a free quote.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Kitchen appliances are some of the most important appliances in your home because of how frequently they’re used—this also makes them more likely to wear out than other home appliances. If you want an affordable home warranty plan that specifically covers kitchen items, consider 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW).

The Simply Kitchen plan covers only kitchen appliances, but the Complete Home plan covers a combination of appliances and systems, and the Pinnacle Home plan covers everything in the Complete Home plan plus a few extra items.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Plans

CoverageSimply KitchenComplete HomePinnacle Home
Built-in microwave
Refrigerator with ice maker
Heating system
Interior gas supply lines
Air conditioner and heat pump
Plumbing system
Electrical system
Cosmetic appliance parts, such as knobs and hinges
Crane costs
Refrigerant recovery and recharge up to $150
Electrical cut-off switches
Faucets and faucet handles
Shower heads, arms, and tub spouts
Interior and exterior hose bibs
PEX manifold plumbing system
Concrete encased or concealed water, gas, drain, waste, and vent piping leaks or breaks in the plumbing system
Haul-away/disposal fees
Burglar and fire alarm
Attic and bathroom exhaust fans
Concrete encased or concealed wiring

The 2-10 HBW Supreme option adds coverage for crane and haul-away costs, refrigerant recovery and recharge, disposal fees, and more. You can also purchase coverage for any of the following items:

  • Luxury package (increases coverage limits)
  • Washer and dryer
  • Roof leaks
  • HVAC surplus
  • Garage door opener
  • Additional refrigerator
  • Additional wine cooler
  • Additional freestanding freezer
  • Additional wet bar refrigerator
  • Pool
  • Septic system
  • Well pump
  • Water softener
  • Extended pipe leak
  • Preseason HVAC tune-up

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Prices

2-10 HBW has service fees that range between $65 and $100. By choosing a higher service fee, you can receive lower monthly premiums, and by choosing a lower service fee, your monthly premiums will be more expensive. Here’s a sample pricing structure for 2-10 HBW’s three coverage plans.

PlanMonthly Premium
Simply Kitchen$37.00
Complete Home$51.00
Pinnacle Home$60.00

Call 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty at 855-498-4719 or fill out this simple online form for a free home warranty quote.

What Does a Home Warranty in Fresno Cover?

A home warranty covers important systems and appliances, such as your air conditioning system, heating system, plumbing, refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer, and clothes dryer. If a covered item breaks down due to normal wear and tear, a home warranty will cover the cost of repairing or replacing it.

A home warranty will typically not cover the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions on systems and appliances when the home warranty contract begins
  • Damage caused by improper installation or maintenance
  • Misuse of an appliance or system by using it for purposes other than residential use
  • Cosmetic issues

Benefits of a Home Warranty in Fresno, CA

Home warranties can provide homeowners, buyers, and sellers with peace of mind. If a major system or appliance, such as your air conditioning or refrigerator, unexpectedly breaks down, a home warranty can cover expensive repair or replacement costs.

While homeowners insurance protects your home and belongings when they receive damage from natural disasters, fire, and theft, a home warranty covers your systems and appliances, specifically, when they break down due to normal wear and tear.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about finding and vetting your own contractor with a home warranty. Most home warranty companies have their own network of trusted, verified technicians to perform a repair or replacement.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost in Fresno?

In general, a home warranty costs between $360 and $700 per year, or $30 to $60 per month. The industry average for service call fees is about $65-$125. Because the cost of living in California is higher than other states, a home warranty in Fresno will likely cost more than in states with a lower cost of living. However, prices are likely to be a bit lower in Fresno than in a city like Los Angeles.

Home warranty pricing will vary based on where you live, the size of your home, the coverage plan you choose, and the service call fee you select. Request a free estimate from a few home warranty providers in your area to compare quotes and find a plan that fits within your budget.

Our Conclusion

Overall, we recommend American Home Shield as the top home warranty provider for Fresno residents because of its three comprehensive home warranty plans, flexible service call fees, and years of industry experience. If you want a more affordable plan, consider 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty for its cheap appliances plan or Select Home Warranty for its low deductibles. If you want to ensure your systems or appliances are covered after a repair, Cinch Home Services has a lengthy workmanship guarantee that can provide peace of mind.

We ultimately recommend getting a free quote from all four providers to compare coverage plans and pricing in your area.

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Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each provider. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts from each company, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. We then score each provider against our review standards for coverage, value, trustworthiness and transparency, availability, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.

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