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Best Home Warranty for High-End Appliances (2022)

If you own a newer or high-value home, it’s likely filled with top-of-the line appliances. Are you protected if your high-end appliances break down? Read over the best home warranties to cover those high-ticket items.

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As someone who takes pride in their home, you may have chosen luxury appliances to meet your day-to-day needs. But even high-end appliances will eventually break down due to wear and tear or other common malfunctions. Do you know how to get quick, trustworthy service for your elegant cooktops, advanced dishwashers, and state-of-the-art garbage disposals?

Having a home warranty plan that assists with the repair and replacement of appliances can help you maintain your peace of mind if anything goes wrong. With so many plan options and home warranty companies, it can be difficult to determine which are best for high-end appliances. The This Old House Reviews Team has researched and rated some of the best home warranty companies in the nation.

In this roundup, we will explore the best home warranty companies for high-end appliances based on their coverage limits. Keep reading to see how each company compares on their prices and plans.

4 Best Home Warranty Companies for High-End Appliances

Our Reviews Team has named the four following companies as the best home warranties for high-end appliances.

American Home Shield

The company: American Home Shield (AHS) has been in the home warranty business since 1971, so you can expect a long track record of customer service and business knowledge. AHS is available in every state except Alaska.

Why it’s great for high-end appliances: Not only does AHS offer comprehensive coverage for your high-end appliances, it gives you control over the price you pay for your plan. If you choose a higher monthly premium, you will pay a lower service call fee for repairs, and vice versa. AHS customers can even cover multiple properties through their plans. AHS’ flexibility and ability to provide coverage across multiple appliances and locations makes it ideal for owners of high-end appliances.

Plans and prices:

AHS provides three plans: ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™, and ShieldPlatinum™. With all of these plans, AHS customers choose a $75, $100, or $125 service fee. The higher the service fee, the lower the monthly premium. You also have the option to build your own plan, and its price varies according to what you cover.


Plan $75 Service Fee $100 Service Fee $125 Service Fee
Plan $75 Service Fee $100 Service Fee $125 Service Fee
ShieldSilver™ $39.99 $29.99 $24.99
ShieldGold™ $49.99 $39.99 $34.99
ShieldPlatinum™ $64.99 $54.99 $49.99

We encourage you to visit American Home Shield today to see what high-end appliances you can add to your home warranty plan.

Choice Home Warranty

The company: Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is one of the best home warranty companies in the industry and operates in every state except California and Washington. The company has been in business since 2008 and prides itself on its commitment to dedicated customer service that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company also guarantees its work with a 90-day re-service guarantee. If your item breaks down again within 90 days of initial service, a technician will return at no additional charge.

Why it’s great for high-end appliances: CHW stands out for its coverage of items of any age without the need for an on-site visit. No matter the age of your high-end appliance, CHW will cover it. This provider also features some add-ons for high-end systems, including pools, spas, and central vacuum.

Plans and prices:

Choice Home Warranty’s Basic Plan covers both systems and appliances, and its Total Plan adds coverage for a few additional items. You can cover most of your high-end appliances with the Basic Plan, but be sure to also check out CHW’s available add-ons. The service call fee for both plans is $85.


Plan Monthly Cost
Plan Monthly Cost
Basic $36.17
Total $43.85

We recommend that you get a free quote from Choice Home Warranty to see what protection you can receive today.

First American Home Warranty

The company: Established in 1984, First American Home Warranty (FAHW) has a long-standing reputation within the home warranty industry. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to cover high-end appliances and save money in the process.

Why it’s great for high-end appliances: FAHW offers a few benefits that will be attractive to you for your high-end appliances. The company offers a two-business-day service guarantee, provides additional coverage for an extra refrigerator and has a $1,500 coverage limit on pools and spas — one of the highest in the industry.

Plans and prices:

First American charges a $75 service call fee, but its plans and prices change by state. The Value Plus Plan, which adds coverage for refrigerators, washers, and dryers to the Basic Plan, is not available in every region. However, for comparison, here are the plans available in Ohio.


Plan Monthly Cost
Plan Monthly Cost
Basic $31.67
Value Plus $40.83
Eagle Premier $46.25

We recommend that you learn what First American Home Warranty can do for you by getting a free estimate.

Select Home Warranty

The company: Founded in 2012, Select Home Warranty is known for its unique offerings and low deductibles. In addition to providing free roof-leak coverage, which isn’t covered by most other home warranty companies, Select also offers a 90-day repair guarantee.

Why it’s great for high-end appliances: Select’s Platinum Care Plan is ideal for owners of high-end appliances. It covers 17 appliances and systems, and customers have three days to file a claim for an item or system rather than the industry-standard of one day. Through its add-ons, Select also provides coverage to more luxury appliances, such as a second refrigerator, stand-alone freezer, lawn sprinkler system, and an ice maker.

Plans and prices:

Select Home Warranty provides three plans: Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care. As stated before, Platinum is perhaps the best for high-end appliances. Select charges customers a small service fee of $60–$75. The fee will vary according to each customer’s location.


Plan Monthly Cost
Plan Monthly Cost
Bronze Care $35.83
Gold Care $35.83
Platinum Care $37.50

We suggest you visit Select Home Warranty to learn how it can protect your high-end appliances.

Why You Should Cover Your High-End Appliances

Buying a home warranty is a wise investment for any homeowner, but especially those who own high-end appliances. A home warranty can assist in providing coverage to more expensive items in your home that homeowners insurance may not cover.

We recommend reading your service contract to see which of your luxury appliances can be added to your home warranty. Pay extra attention to the fine print regarding coverage caps, which may stipulate that high-end appliances are not subject to the same reimbursement rates as lower-end appliances. If your replacement exceeds the coverage cap or reimbursement rate determined by your provider, you will be responsible for the difference. You’ll want to confirm that the coverage caps on appliances make sense for your budget.

You are typically able to contact these companies 24/7 and access a specialized contractor who understands the advanced technology of your luxury appliance. Overall, home warranty coverage on your high-end appliances guarantees you receive the right service, at affordable prices, and with peace of mind that it will be done quickly.

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