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Top Real Estate Agents in Portland (2022)

Hiring a top real estate agent can make the difference when entering the Portland housing market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money on a purchase or get top dollar from a sale.

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The average sales price for a home in Portland, Oregon, in January 2021 was $514,700, according to statistics by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) in The Oregonian. That’s an 11.2% increase over 2020. With increasing prices and lower inventory, the Portland housing market is best for sellers. This means home buyers have to be more aggressive in their search for their dream home, and sellers have an opportunity to make a profit on the higher value of their house.

We recommend working with a real estate agent for both buying and selling homes in the booming Portland real estate market. They can help you maximize your sale or buy your dream property before it’s too late. The This Old House Reviews Team dug into the data for dozens of local real estate agents to identify the six we suggest to our readers.

To make your search even easier, we’ve also included this tool that helps instantly connect you to an agent in your ZIP code:

Benefits of Having a Top Real Estate Agent in Portland, OR

Working with a real estate agent can give you the best experience either buying or selling a property in the greater Portland metro area. If you’re selling a house, they can support you through the entire process of staging, setting a list price, and engaging with buyers. They will also advise you during closing. If you’re buying a house, real estate agents can be crucial for spotting the ones you love, scheduling a tour, and putting together competitive offers that fit in your budget.

The top-performing real estate agent teams in Portland can get your home on and off the market quickly if you’re looking to sell. On the other hand, buyer’s agents with a lower sales volume can give you a personal touch throughout your experience with undivided attention and persistence.

Best Buyer’s Agents

With a competitive housing market comes more pressure on buyers to increase offers on houses they want. Hiring a National Association of Realtors’ Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) is the best way to get ahead on your search. They’ll schedule tours of homes you’ll love before other buyers, giving you the best chance of being the first one with an offer. They can also be a critical asset for negotiation and a resource during closing.

The best buyer’s agents in Portland are:

  • Jill M. Parker, Keller Williams Portland Premiere
  • Sheila Done, Premiere Property Group, LLC
  • David McGrew, John L. Scott Portland Northeast

Best Seller’s Agents

Since the average sales price is steadily increasing, it’s the perfect opportunity for sellers to get the most out of their property. One of the best ways to maximize your home’s worth is to work with a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) to assist with staging, listing, and managing active offers. They can ensure you get top dollar for your property and support you during the selling process. Typically, they make around 6% of the sale in commission, which can easily pay off in the long run.

The best seller’s agents in Portland are:

  • Stephen FitzMaurice Team, eXp Realty
  • Drew Coleman Team, Hasson Company, Realtors
  • Carey Hughes, Keller Williams Realty

Comparing the Top Portland Real Estate Agents

In order to pick the best real estate agent for your needs, look to their performance in key areas such as home sales volume and recognition. You can also see how they stack up on years of experience, agency reputation, unique details, and ratings from previous clients. We rated the Top Six on these factors and chose the ones that came highly recommended.

Some of these agents come as a team, who will use their collective network and experience to sell your home quickly. We recommend going with one of these teams if you’re looking for the fastest and most efficient sale of your house.


Agent Agency Years of Experience Sales in the Last 12 Months* Price Range Last 24 Months** Unique Details and Recognition Website
Agent Agency Years of Experience Sales in the Last 12 Months* Price Range Last 24 Months** Unique Details and Recognition Website
Stephen FitzMaurice Team EXp Realty 18 300 $44,000–$1.4M Top 1% Portland Metro Listing Agent
Drew Coleman Team Hasson Company, Realtors 20 217 $50,000–$2.5M President of the Oregon Association of Realtors
Carey Hughes Keller Williams Realty 20 53 $165,000–$975,000 Keller Williams’ No. 2 Individual Agent in Volume Sales
Jill M. Parker Keller Williams Portland Premiere 6 50 $200,000–$650,000 PMAR Masters Circle Diamond-Platinum Member
Sheila Done Premiere Property Group, LLC 14 22 $255,000–$725,000 Winner of the Century 21 Quality Service Pinnacle Award
David McGrew John L. Scott Portland Northeast 17 11 $159,000–$899,000 5-time John L. Scott President’s Elite Award recipient

*Figures pulled from as of March 30, 2021.

**Figures pulled from as of March 30, 2021.


Being the best real estate agent means going the extra mile to serve each client’s needs. The best agents exhibit an attractive personality, have dedicated experience in the field, and come highly recommended by previous clients. And they’re especially important in Portland’s competitive market. We recommend connecting with a few different ones to get a sense of their personalities and what they can bring to the table.

Get connected with local agents by using the tool below:

Portland Real Estate: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do houses in Portland cost?

Based on a recent RMLS report of the Portland housing market, the average closing price of a house is $514,700, which is $105,900 over the latest national average of $408,800.

What do Portland real estate agents charge?

Typically, Portland real estate agents charge around 6% commission from the total sale of each property, but that number can range anywhere from 3%–7%.

How many houses are for sale in Portland?

There were 2,579 houses on the market in January 2021. With a high demand and generally lower inventory, it’s especially important to work with a real estate agent when buying a home.

Is a Portland house a good investment?

With steady price averages and medians increasing in the Portland area, purchasing an investment property could be a smart move. According to RMLS, prices have continued a steady rise since 2013 with no appreciable dips since 2019.

Do you need a real estate agent to sell your house?

You can sell your house on your own, but you may end up leaving money on the table. A seller’s agent can help with staging and listing your home to get the best offers. Online cash offers that don’t require an agent may also be tempting, but they are often for much less than your home is worth and leave you open to being taken advantage of.

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