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Safeco Home Insurance Review (2022)

Safeco offers decent home insurance coverage through Liberty Mutual but only offers a few endorsements and discounts.

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If you’ve recently purchased a home, you’re likely thinking about the best ways to protect your investment. Purchasing a home insurance policy can safeguard your wallet in the event of an unexpected disaster like a lightning strike, fire, theft, or vandalism. Instead of having to pay thousands out of pocket unexpectedly, you can rest easy at night knowing that you’re covered.

Not all homeowners insurance companies offer the same availability, coverage options, and quality of customer service. You’ll want to work with a reputable company with a proven track record. The This Old House Reviews Team has created this in-depth Safeco home insurance review to help you determine if it’s the best fit for your needs.

Table of Contents

  • Our Take
  • Pros & Cons
  • Coverage
  • Availability
  • How Much Does Safeco Home Insurance Cost?
  • Reviews of Safeco Insurance
  • Safeco vs. The Competition
  • Our Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Our Take

Safeco offers all industry-standard home insurance coverage in its basic policy in more than 40 states. The company offers 24/7 customer service via phone and offers some technologically savvy advantages like the Safeco Insurance Advisor Skill for Alexa. However, Safeco is a division of Liberty Mutual and does not underwrite its own policies, which adds a layer of complexity to the claims process and accessing customer service. In addition, Safeco only offers a few endorsements and discounts. Overall, we give Safeco a score of 92.87 out of 100.

On its Better Business Bureau profile, complaints cite canceled policies. Reviews range from praising courteous, efficient customer service to noting concerns about increasing premiums.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Safeco homeowners insurance.

Safeco Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Comprehensive coverage Doesn’t underwrite own policies
Widespread availability Few discounts available
Safeco Insurance Advisor Skill for Alexa*

*Advisor can locate local agents and answer basic home insurance questions via Amazon Echo


Safeco offers all industry-standard home insurance coverage in its basic policy. Customers can choose from four different tiers of plans.

  • Essential: Standard coverage
  • New Quality Plus: Everything in Essential, plus greater coverage limits for specific property and valuables
  • Optimum: Everything in New Quality Plus, and even greater coverage for specific property and valuables
  • Premier: Everything in Optimum, with the highest available coverage limits

Safeco Coverage

Type Description
Type Description
Dwelling + other structures Covers your home’s structure (interior and exterior), in addition to detached structures like garages or sheds
Personal property Covers personal property, including furniture, clothes, and electronics, in case of covered loss
Loss of use/Additional living expenses Covers costs associated with living outside of your home, including accommodations and meals, if it is temporarily uninhabitable due to covered damage or destruction
Personal liability Covers legal fees if you are sued for injury or personal property damage to a guest
Medical payments coverage Covers the medical expenses of a guest who is injured at your home

Safeco also offers several endorsements to help you round out your coverage.


Type Description
Type Description
Identity theft coverage Helps with process and expenses associated with restoring your identity
Personal property replacement Pays the full cost of replacing personal belongings up to policy limit (even if the cost is greater than what the property was worth at time of loss)
Equipment breakdown Covers unexpected breakdowns of appliances
Valuable articles Offers additional coverage for valuable art, jewelry, or antiques


Safeco home insurance is available in 42 states—everywhere but Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia.

How Much does Safeco Insurance Cost?

The exact cost of Safeco homeowners insurance will depend on a variety of factors, including your property’s value, size, the materials it was constructed with, where you live, the coverage limits you select, the insurance deductible you choose, and more.


Safeco offers a few discounts to help lower the amount you pay for homeowners insurance—fewer than many of its competitors.

Safeco Discounts

Type Description
Type Description
Multi-policy Discount for bundling Safeco policies
Protective devices Discount for installed protective devices like burglar alarm or fire alarm
Pay in full Discount for paying your annual premium in full instead of being charged monthly
New home Discount for home built within the last 10 years

Reviews of Safeco Insurance

Safeco is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau but holds an A+ rating from the organization. All of its reviews and complaints refer to Liberty Mutual, its parent company, and may not be specific to Safeco.

See what some customers had to say about their experience.

Maria N. said:

“I have been with Liberty Mutual for four years... I can only say they are the best company I have ever dealt with. We even had a bad roofer and Liberty had patience and suggestions on how to handle the situation. I tell everyone about how well they have treated my family. Their adjusters are just as busy as others but always get back to you and always resolve anything I need. I think they are nothing but excellent and lessen my stress when here in Colorado it hails badly. I know I am well-protected. Just wanted others to know how happy this one insured has been. Thank you Liberty!”

Deborah V. said:

“Horrible!! Raised my monthly cost by 60%! I called and asked why they took so much out of my account and they said 1) You’re on autopayments so we can. 2) Your truck value points went up causing medical, liability, etc to go up! I’ve never been in an accident in a truck, nor do I hardly drive it! I asked for insurance to be cancelled at end of policy. Found out the next morning they cancelled me that night leaving me without insurance. Supervisor stated that someone emailed me to say they were increasing my monthly! I received no email, no letter nor a call! Very dissatisfied with the company!”

Safeco vs. The Competition

See how Safeco stacks up against the competition on key metrics.


Provider State Farm Lemonade Amica®
Provider State Farm Lemonade Amica®
Our score 92.87 83.50 96.60
State Availability 42 27* 48 (not available in AK and HI)
BBB Rating A+ B+ A+
Years in Business 97 5 113
24/7 Claims Service
Protective Devices/Safety Features Discount
Bundling Discount
Mobile App

*Lemonade home insurance is available in AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, GA, IL, IN, IA, MD, MA, MI, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI

Our Conclusion

Although Safeco is widespread and backed by Liberty Mutual, it has several drawbacks. Its policies are underwritten by third-party partners, which may make it difficult to directly file and track claims, as well as speak to customer service. Also, only few discounts and endorsements are available, compared to competitors. We give Safeco home insurance a score of 92.87

We always recommend requesting multiple quotes before making your final decision on a home insurance provider:

Company Information

  • Company name: Safeco
  • Company type: Public
  • CEO: Matthew Nickerson
  • Year founded: 1923
  • Headquarters: 1001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98154
  • State availability: 42
  • BBB rating: A+

Our Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team values accuracy, transparency, and trust. With that in mind, we created a thorough, objective rating system to score each home insurance company based on the following six factors:

  • Coverage (30)
  • State availability (7.5)
  • Customer service (15)
  • Technology (12.5)
  • Reputation (20)
  • Additional benefits (15)

Our Reviews Team has a full-time researcher who collects and regularly updates data points from every company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, service, and dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Safeco home insurance good?

Safeco is a solid home insurance company but is not among the highest-rated of companies we have evaluated. Its coverage options are limited in terms of endorsements, and few discounts are available.

Does Safeco offer homeowners insurance?

Safeco offers all industry-standard homeowners insurance coverage in its basic policy—dwelling, other structures, personal liability, personal property, medical payments to others, and additional living expenses—in 42 states.

Is Liberty Mutual owned by Safeco?

No, Safeco actually became a part of Liberty Mutual in September 2008, so it operates as a network of individual agents backed by Liberty Mutual.

What discounts does Safeco offer?

Safeco offers discounts for multi-policy, new home, protective devices, and pay in full.

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