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iBex Home Warranty Review (2022)

Investing in a home warranty could save you hundreds of dollars every year in repair costs on major home systems and appliances. In this article, the This Old House Reviews Team has put together plans, pricing, and customer reviews on iBex Home Warranty to help you in your home warranty search.

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TOH Rating: 5.6/10

A home warranty allows you to enjoy your home without having to worry about paying for an expensive repair or replacement on a home system or appliance that breaks down due to normal wear and tear.

IBex Home Warranty is new to the industry, and has only two years of experience, but some customers have been pleased with the company’s coverage and speedy customer service. In this review, you’ll find information on iBex’s plans, prices, and customer reviews and learn how the company stacks up against other home warranty companies.

Pros and Cons of iBex Home Warranty

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of iBex below:

iBex Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Personal customer service experience Only available in Utah and Idaho
Plan costs fit within industry average of $300–$600 a year No 24/7 customer service
Provides free furnace filters, rekey service, and furnace and air conditioning tune-ups

iBex Home Warranty Plans and Coverage

IBex only offers one plan for customers and covers 14 major systems and appliances.

iBex Coverage Specifics

Item Coverage
Item Coverage
Electric or natural gas range
Wall oven
Built-in dishwasher
Microwave oven
Range hood
Top load or front load washer
Natural gas or electric dryer
Central air conditioning
Forced-air furnace
Interior plumbing
Garage door

iBex does not offer add-on options for its single plan.

iBex Home Warranty Pricing

Customers have the option to pay for their plan monthly or annually. The plan costs the same for both Utah and Idaho residents as long as your house is under 5,000 square feet.

If your home is more than 5,000 square feet, you must call 801-731-4239 for a quote.

The plan costs $50 per month or $500 for the year if you pay upfront. In addition to this premium, customers have to pay a service fee every time a service contractor is dispatched for a repair. The service fee is $60 if the repair takes place during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST. If the repair takes place on the weekends, after hours, or during holidays, the service fee is $120.

iBex Home Warranty Reviews

iBex is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. Because of how new the company is, not many customers have rated it.

Here are what a few customers said about iBex:

“Ibex is a local company whose employees seem to be poorly trained and to really carry the small town feel a bit too far. Apparently after 40+ years of living and working in Utah, I’m still an outsider. I will tell the friend who handled the closing [of my home] and other friends who work in real estate so that they make sure they don’t recommend the company to any other outsiders they might have as clients.” — Mary Lynn on November 16, 2020 via feedback to the This Old House Reviews Team

“My son-in-law who is a real estate broker suggested that we have the sellers purchase a home warranty from iBex when we purchased our new home. It was great advice. They have been incredible—prompt, easy to deal with, honest, and they do what they say they will do every time. I’d give them 10 stars if I could!” — Kent T. on October 24, 2018, via BBB

iBex Compared to the Competition

Though iBex is a solid home warranty company, there are other top-rated home warranty companies that may be a better fit. Compare iBex to two of our recommended picks.

iBex and Competition Comparison

Specifics iBex Home Warranty American Home Shield Choice Home Warranty
Specifics iBex Home Warranty American Home Shield Choice Home Warranty
Get a free quote Not available through This Old House Visit site Visit site
Plan options 1 3 + add-ons 3 + add-ons
Price per month $50 $40–$58 $36–$44
Service fee $60 or $120 $75, $100, or $125 $60–$85
Additional benefits Gives customers four free furnace filters Offers coverage for undetectable pre-existing conditions First month free for customers who sign up today
BBB rating A+ B B

Because plan pricing varies based on where you live, the type of plan you choose, and how large your home is, we recommend getting quotes from a variety of providers, including American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty.

Our Conclusion

The This Old House Reviews Team gives iBex Home Warranty a 5.6/10. iBex’s one plan provides customers coverage for most major systems and appliances and their sample contract is easy to read, making it clear to customers what components are covered for each item. The size of the company also allows you to have an intimate experience when talking to a customer service representative.

However, the company only services Utah and Idaho residents and has been in business for only two years. Additionally, its single plan means customers have no options in what they want protected, and the lack of add-on options further limits customization.

American Home Shield, on the other hand, has been in business for close to 50 years and offers coverage to residents across the country, excluding Alaska. It offers three comprehensive plans with a handful of add-ons, including an extended electronics warranty.

If you're looking for a home warranty company with more experience and more coverage options, we recommend getting a quote from American Home Shield by filling out this online form or calling 844-529-9298.

Company Information

  • Company name: iBex Home Warranty
  • CEO: Preston Boswell
  • Years in business: 2
  • Address: P.O. Box 12969
  • City/State: Ogden, UT
  • Zip code: 84412
  • BBB rating: A+

For more information, call iBex Home Warranty at 801-731-4239.

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. This means earning your trust through transparency and having the data to back up our ratings and recommendations. Our rating system for home warranty providers is on a 100-point scale based on seven factors:

  • Plan options (25)
  • Coverage specifics (5)
  • Pricing (25)
  • Trustworthiness (25)
  • State availability (5)
  • Customer service (10)
  • Additional benefits (5)

Our Reviews Team reviewed 45 companies and we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, and dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

Frequently Asked Questions about iBex

What does iBex Home Warranty’s plan not cover?

iBex explicitly lists the components that are covered for every system or appliance in its sample contract. Here are a few items and conditions that iBex won’t cover:

  • Failure due to anything other than normal wear and tear
  • Secondary damage
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Accessing a repair behind an obstacle

The items in an iBex contract also have coverage caps, meaning that iBex will only pay a certain amount for repairs and replacements during the contract term. Once that amount is reached, the customer is responsible for paying the rest of the repair or replacement. Here are the coverage caps for items under an iBex warranty:

  • Appliances: $3,000 per contract term
  • Electrical: $2,000 per contract term
  • Central air conditioning: $2,500 per contract term
  • Forced-air furnace: $2,500 per contract term
  • Interior plumbing: $2,000 per contract term
  • Garage door: $1,000 per contract term

Does iBex Home Warranty have a waiting period?

Yes. Like most other home warranty providers, iBex has a waiting period of 30 days, meaning your coverage won’t start until 30 days after you’ve signed the contract.

Can I cancel my contract with iBex Home Warranty?

You can cancel your contract at any time and get a prorated refund depending on how much time has lapsed in the contract term. Note: you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $200.

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