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Best Home Warranty Companies in Pennsylvania (2022)

With a home warranty, you pay a small amount each month to protect your major home systems and appliances when they break down due to normal wear and tear. In this review, we’ll go over the top home warranty companies in Pennsylvania.

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With a variety of home warranty companies available, it can be challenging to determine which is best for you and your home. To prevent you from going through the hassle of researching multiple companies, the This Old House Reviews Team has compiled a review of the best home warranty companies in PA.

Pennsylvania’s Top 5 Home Warranty Companies

To determine the best home warranty companies in Pennsylvania, we compared coverage, pricing, industry experience, and more. These are the five companies that stood out.

American Home Shield

We believe American Home Shield is the best home warranty company for PA homeowners. It provides three coverage plans and protects systems and appliances that are damaged due to rust and corrosion, which is unusual for a home warranty provider.

Here are a few benefits you’ll receive when signing up for an American Home Shield plan:

  • Generous coverage caps
  • Close to 50 years of industry experience
  • No limit to the number of repairs allowed during the contract period

Plans & Pricing

American Home Shield offers the ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™, and ShieldPlatinum™ plans. The ShieldSilver plan covers systems, the ShieldGold plan adds appliances to the entirety of the ShieldSilver’s coverage, and the ShieldPlatinum plan increases coverage limits and offers a free HVAC tune-up.

Most American Home Shield plans will cost between $40–$58 per month. The service call fee you choose—$75, $100, or $125—will determine how much your monthly premiums are.

If you choose a $75 service fee, here’s what your monthly cost would be:

  • ShieldSilver: $54.99 per month
  • ShieldGold: $64.99 per month
  • ShieldPlatinum: $79.99 per month
For a free quote from American Home Shield, fill out this online form or call 844-529-9298.

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Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) offers two plans for PA homeowners and affordable monthly premiums and service fees. Choice is an ideal choice for homes with old systems and appliances that are prone to breaking, as it doesn’t deny coverage based on the age of your home items.

Benefits of Choice Home Warranty include:

  • 24/7 customer service and after-hours service
  • Claims usually processed within 48 hours
  • 90-day repair guarantee
  • First month free of coverage

Plans & Pricing

Choice Home Warranty’s plans include the Basic Plan and Total Plan. The Basic Plan covers 14 systems and appliances, and the Total Plan protects those 14 items plus an air conditioning system, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

In addition to a monthly premium, you’ll pay $60–$85 per service call.

Here’s the monthly cost for each plan:

  • Basic Plan: $36.17 per month
  • Total Plan: $43.85 per month
For a free quote from Choice Home Warranty, fill out this online form or call 929-400-6165.

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Liberty Home Guard

Like Choice Home Warranty, Liberty Home Guard (LHG) works well for homes with older systems and appliances that are prone to breaking. Not only does LHG cover all appliances regardless of age, but the service fee is an industry low of $60, meaning you don’t have to pay much to get your items serviced by a technician.

Here are some benefits of signing up with Liberty Home Guard:

  • 60-day workmanship guarantee
  • Replacement available if item can’t be repaired
  • No inspection needed to start coverage
  • More than 15 add-on options

Plans & Pricing

Liberty Home Guard has three plans available for PA homeowners: Appliance Guard, System Guard, and Total Home Guard. Appliance Guard protects nine appliances, System Guard protects six systems, and Total Home Guard protects all of the items in the previous two plans.

Here’s the monthly cost for each plan:

  • Appliance Guard: $39.99 per month
  • System Guard: $49.99 per month
  • Total Home Guard: $59.99 per month

Note: Customers will pay a set service call fee of $60 every time a claim is made.

For a free quote from Liberty Home Guard, fill out this online form or call 866-452-9107.

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Select Home Warranty

Pennsylvania homeowners who are concerned about their budget but don’t want to compromise on coverage will see attractive benefits in Select Home Warranty. All of Select’s plans cost less than $50 a month and all plans include free roof-leak coverage, a reported $99 value.

Here are a few benefits you’ll receive when signing up for a plan from Select Home Warranty:

  • Free roof-leak coverage included with all plans
  • 90-day workmanship guarantee
  • Discounts when you sign up for a multi-year plan

Plans & Pricing

Select charges a $75 service fee per claim. It offers three plans and nine additional coverage options. Bronze Care covers household appliances, Gold Care covers household systems, and Platinum Care combines the coverage of each plan into one comprehensive package. You can review a price breakdown of Select’s coverage below.

  • Bronze Care: $41 per month
  • Gold Care: $41 per month
  • Platinum Care: $47 per month
For a free quote from Select Home Warranty, call 888-370-3956 or fill out this simple form.

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Priority Home Warranty

Priority Home Warranty is great for homeowners who have an insured and bonded contractor that they trust. Many home warranty companies will pull from their own network of contractors, which can be frustrating if you’ve developed a long-lasting relationship with an existing technician.

Here are a few benefits you’ll receive when signing up for a plan from Priority Home Warranty:

  • All repairs and replacements are covered by a workmanship guarantee that is valid for the entire length of your policy.
  • The service fee is cheaper than the industry average at $70.
  • Customers can continue to work with contractors they trust and the company offers reimbursement for accepted claims.

Plans & Pricing

Like Select Home Warranty, Priority Home Warranty offers three plans under $50. The Systems Home Care plan covers eight built-in systems. The Appliance Home Care plan covers nine major household appliances. If you are looking for more comprehensive coverage options, Total Home Care is an affordable and comprehensive plan option.

You can review the monthly costs below.

  • Systems Home Care: $33 per month
  • Appliance Home Care: $33 per month
  • Total Home Care: $47 per month
For a customized quote from Priority Home Warranty, fill out this free form or call 954-228-2343.

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Our Conclusion

American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, Liberty Home Guard, Select Home Warranty, and Priority Home Warranty are the best home warranty companies in Pennsylvania. We recommend getting quotes from each of them so that you can compare pricing and narrow down your options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pennsylvania Home Warranties

When can I purchase a home warranty?

As a homeowner, you can purchase a warranty at any time, whether that’s immediately after buying a home or after years of ownership. As a real estate agent or home seller, you may want to purchase a plan while the house is on the market and include it in the sale—if a potential buyer sees that your home comes with protection while others don’t, they may be more inclined to purchase yours.

When can I start using my home warranty?

Most providers follow the 30-day rule, where coverage starts 30 days after purchasing the plan. However, some companies like Choice Home Warranty will waive the waiting period if your home was protected through a different provider immediately before purchasing a Choice Home Warranty plan. The Home Service Club also has an industry low waiting period of 10 days, allowing you to get coverage almost immediately after signing up for a plan.

Do I need a home warranty when my systems and appliances are new?

No home systems or appliances are immune to breakdowns, and the items will eventually break down due to normal wear and tear. It may be beneficial to have a home warranty that’s never used than to be stuck with a repair you can’t afford.

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