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AAA Home Warranty Review (2022)

AAA partnered with Old Republic Home Protection to provide members with the option of purchasing a home warranty plan. Read on to learn about this provider’s coverage, plans, pricing, and policy features.

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A home warranty provides peace of mind and protects you from paying unexpected, out-of-pocket costs for your home systems and appliances that are in need of repairs or replacements. The American Automobile Association, AAA, a trusted company in the home and auto service industry, partnered with Old Republic Home Protection to offer a home warranty plan for AAA members.

Below, you’ll find information on the pros and cons of AAA Home Warranty’s coverage, pricing, customer reviews, and competitors. Keep reading to find out if AAA Home Warranty is the best home warranty for you and your home.

Pros and Cons of AAA Home Warranty

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of an AAA home warranty plan below:

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Provides 24/7 customer service Only provides one plan option
Has 30-day service guarantee Available in only 24 states
Offers comprehensive coverage on major home systems and appliances for under $40 per month Doesn’t allow free cancellation within 30 days

AAA Home Warranty Plans and Coverage

AAA Home Warranty provides coverage for home systems and appliances through one comprehensive Standard Coverage Plan.

AAA’s Standard Coverage Plan offers protection on these items:

  • Primary gas, oil, or electric heater
  • Air conditioner or cooler
  • Ductwork
  • Drain line stoppages
  • Plumbing pipe leaks (including polybutylene)
  • Toilets
  • Water heater
  • Built-in jetted bathtub motor and pump
  • Recirculating pump
  • Instant hot/cold water dispenser
  • Garbage disposal
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Sump pump
  • Electrical system
  • Exhaust, attic, ceiling, and whole-house fans
  • Garage door opener
  • Central vacuum
  • Dishwasher
  • Trash compactor
  • Kitchen exhaust fan
  • Oven/range/cooktop
  • Built-in microwave oven
  • Washer/dryer
  • Kitchen refrigerator (with ice maker)

AAA doesn't provide information on their website regarding the options for additional coverage; however, you can contact their partner, Old Republic Home Protection, at 800-579-4559 to learn more about additional coverage options.

AAA Home Warranty Pricing

The cost of AAA Home Warranty’s Standard Coverage is $37.92 per month. The cost of your plan could increase if you choose optional add-ons for your plan.

AAA Home Warranty Reviews

Trusted third-party customer reviews can be a good way of learning about a company’s service and reputation. Since AAA Home Warranty partnered with Old Republic Home Protection to offer home warranty services, we looked at both companies on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

AAA is an accredited business with an A+ rating. With over 114 years in the home and automobile insurance industry, AAA has been trusted by customers throughout the country for their insurance offerings and support.

Old Republic Home Protection is also an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating. The home warranty company has been in business for almost 50 years, receiving over 200 customer reviews on BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions about AAA Home Warranty

How do AAA home warranties work?

If covered appliances or systems break down due to normal wear and tear, customers can file a claim online or through the phone. A service technician will then come out to your home to assess the appliance or system in question. Before leaving, the technician will recommend a repair or replacement at which time you’ll pay a set service fee.

How much is an AAA Home Warranty?

AAA Home Warranty pricing will depend on the optional add-ons selected; however, the base price for a AAA warranty is $37.92, the price of the Standard Coverage Plan.

Does AAA Home Warranty cover pre-existing conditions?

No, AAA Home Warranty only covers appliances and systems that have become inoperable due to normal wear and tear. View the terms and conditions of an AAA Home Warranty in their sample service contract.

Is it free to cancel an AAA Home Warranty policy?

If you choose to cancel your AAA Home Warranty policy, you’ll be entitled to a pro-rated refund of the paid plan fee for the unexpired term, minus the service cost, unpaid charges, and a $50 processing fee.

AAA Home Warranty Compared to the Competition

Though AAA may be a good home warranty option for some, there are other top-rated home warranty companies that may be a better fit. Compare this company to two of our recommended picks.

Compare Home Warranty Companies

Provider AAA Home Warranty American Home Shield Choice Home Warranty
Provider AAA Home Warranty American Home Shield Choice Home Warranty
Get a free quote Not available through This Old House Visit site Visit site
Plan options Standard Coverage and optional add-ons ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™, ShieldPlatinum™, and optional add-ons Total, Basic, and optional add-ons
Price per month $37.92 $40–$58 $36–$44
Service call fee $65 $75–$125 $60–$85
Additional benefits Offers coverage on Built-in jetted bathtub motor and pump Offers a customizable service fee Gives customers their first month free
BBB rating N/A B B

Before purchasing a home warranty, consider getting a quote from your preferred home warranty company. Because plan pricing varies based on where you live, the type of plan you choose, and how large your home is, we recommend getting quotes from a variety of providers.

Our Conclusion

The This Old House Reviews Team gives AAA Home Warranty a 9.2/10. AAA Home Warranty covers a majority of home appliances and systems under its sole Standard Coverage Plan, which is a good home warranty choice if you’re a current AAA customer that’s looking for simple and affordable home warranty coverage.

An AAA Home Warranty might not be a good choice for you if you prefer a variety of home warranty options, as the provider only offers one plan. Additionally, this plan isn’t available for non-AAA customers.

For comprehensive and reliable coverage on your home systems and appliances, we recommend American Home Shield. With over 45 years of industry experience, this home warranty provider offers customers three distinct plans, with the ability to tack on optional add-ons.

To receive a free quote from American Home Shield, fill out this form or call 844-529-9298 to speak to a customer service representative.

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. This means earning your trust through transparency and having the data to back up our ratings and recommendations. Our rating system for home warranty providers is on a 100-point scale based on seven factors:

  • Plan options (25)
  • Coverage specifics (5)
  • Pricing (25)
  • Trustworthiness (25)
  • State availability (5)
  • Customer service (10)
  • Additional benefits (5)

Our Reviews Team reviewed 45 companies and we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, and dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

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