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Photo by HFHI/Steffan Hacker

Question: How can you simultaneously reduce your demolition costs, get a tax write-off, and help your local community?

By now, everyone has heard of Habitat for Humanity, but lots of contractors are not aware of ReStore, which is Habitat's building-materials thrift store. ReStore sells new and used building materials to the general public and uses the money to fund Habitat for Humanity projects.

People and companies donate new and used building materials to ReStore. Donations are tax deductible.

ReStore outlets operate in 48 states and 9 Canadian provinces. To find the closest location to you, go to Habitat's website

Materials must be in good shape and structurally sound. ReStore accepts:

• Kitchen cabinets

• Counter tops

• Garbage disposals

• Sinks

• Doors

• Windows

• Air conditioners

• Fencing

• Furniture

• Window treatments

• and much, much more.

You don't always need to bring the materials to the ReStore warehouse. Their staff often collects the materials at the project sites. But here's the real kicker: ReStore even goes so far as to perform the demolition work themselves, without charge.

How much better can an opportunity get? You reduce your demolition costs, get a tax write-off, and help your local community!

Ron Roberts is the owner of The Contractor's Business Coach, a firm that works with contractors to organize a construction business with growth producing systems while developing sales, leadership, and financial management skills.