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Best 5 Gutter Installation Companies in Louisville, KY

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Last Updated August 11, 2023

It's important for homeowners in Louisville, Kentucky, to protect their homes and property from harm. Water damage can build up gradually and contribute to expensive problems in the future. To prevent this from happening, you can invest in high-quality gutters. Below, find our list of Louisville's best gutter companies, which we've selected based on their reputations for high-quality gutter installation and maintenance work.

Top Pick
  • Extremely effective stainless-steel mesh
  • Transferable lifetime warranty
  • Offers professional installation of new gutters and gutter guards
Best Designed
  • Compatible with metal roofs
  • Raised-screen design
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
Most Durable
  • Guarantees gutter guards won't clog
  • Features a single-piece, reverse-curve design
  • Includes ScratchGuard paint finish

Having reliable gutter guards means less frequent clogs, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance. The gutter installation companies on our list can help you choose the right guards for your gutters and can install them for you.

Top 5 Louisville Gutter Installation & Repair Companies

Leafguard Gutter Protection Logo
Top rated

Leafguard Gutter Protection


Services Offered

Gutter Installation General Gutter Services Gutter Cleaning


  • Transparent pricing
  • Punctual service
  • Diligent in educating customers
1838 Cargo Ct, Louisville, KY 502-369-2911
HomeCraft Gutter Protection Logo

HomeCraft Gutter Protection


Services Offered

Gutter Repairs Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards Steel Gutters General Gutter Services Gutter Inspection Gutter Installation Aluminum Gutters


  • Diligent in educating customers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free assessment
11003 Bluegrass Pkwy #590, Louisville, KY 502-289-5352 www.homecraftgutterpro...
Cardinal Gutters / Gutters Louisville KY Logo

Cardinal Gutters / Gutters Louisville KY


Services Offered

Gutter Installation General Gutter Services Gutter Cleaning Copper Gutters Aluminum Gutters Gutter Replacement Gutter Repairs Vinyl Gutters Gutter Guards


  • Diligent in educating customers
  • Good customer service
  • Transparent pricing
6300 Poplar Tree Ct Suite A, Louisville, KY 502-493-6162
Bone Dry Roofing Logo

Bone Dry Roofing


Services Offered

Gutter Inspection Gutter Maintenance Gutter Installation Gutter Replacement General Gutter Services Gutter Repairs


  • Punctual service
  • Good customer service
  • Free assessment
8130 New La Grange Rd, Louisville, KY 502-425-2928
SkyGuard Home Logo

SkyGuard Home


Services Offered

Gutter Repairs Gutter Installation General Gutter Services


  • Free assessment
  • Diligent in educating customers
  • Transparent pricing
501 Baxter Ave Suite 201, Louisville, KY 502-909-4058

More Local Gutter Installation Companies

NEW LOOK - Roofing, Siding, Windows and Gutters

User Reviews: 4.7/5

3021 Windsor Lakes Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40214

Allen Home Improvement & Roofing

User Reviews: 4.7/5

2514 Rockford Ln
Louisville, KY 40216

Unisource Roofing

User Reviews: 4.7/5

2338 Frankfort Ave B
Louisville, KY 40206

Hydro Solutions Power And Soft Washing LLC

User Reviews: 4.7/5

1009 Chesham Rd
Louisville, KY 40207

Mengel Exteriors

User Reviews: 4.7/5

9547 US-42
Prospect, KY 40059

Enterprise Home Improvements, LLC

User Reviews: 4.7/5

6215 Shepherdsville Rd
Louisville, KY 40228

Louisville Roofing and Siding, Inc.

User Reviews: 4.7/5

3434 Pemaquid Rd
Louisville, KY 40218

Abrams Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

User Reviews: 4.7/5

1847 Berry Blvd
Louisville, KY 40215

A-1 Aluminum Inc

User Reviews: 4.6/5

4026 Produce Rd
Louisville, KY 40218

Facts about Louisville
Average Max Temp: 64°F
Average Min Temp: 48°F
Average Daily Sunlight: 54%
Average Annual Snowfall: 9.1"
Average Monthly Precipitation: 3.89"
Average Gutter Cost Per Foot: $3.97
Louisville Gutter Installation Calculator

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Estimated Cost:
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Precise estimates will vary based on size of home, number of stories, ease of access, and other factors. For a more accurate estimate, contact a local gutter installation professional.

How To Select the Right Gutters for Your Louisville Home

Quality gutters will direct water away from your house's foundation. If you're planning to purchase new gutters for your home, the following are some key factors to consider.

Gutter Type

You can select from several gutter types, including K-style (the most common), half-round, and box-style gutters. The right gutter type for your home depends on your roof design and aesthetic preferences, but material should also be a deciding factor. Gutters come in various types of metal and vinyl, each with its own pros and cons. Consult with a gutter company to determine the best option for your needs.

Gutter Size

Several gutter sizes are available, with 5- and 6-inch gutters being the most popular. If you have a larger roof or want your gutters to handle more water flow, you may need oversized ones. A local gutter professional can inspect your roof and recommend the right size for you.

Gutter Cost

The size of your home and whether it has multiple stories will influence the cost of gutter installation and maintenance. You can typically expect to spend roughly $3.97 per linear foot for installation and about $105.93 per linear foot for cleaning. Other things that might affect these costs include the gutters' material and how much debris has built up.

Types of Gutter Services Offered in Louisville

Gutter service companies in and around Louisville usually offer the following services:

  • Gutter repair: Water, debris, pests, and time can all harm your gutter system. When the damage starts to affect the system's ability to channel water, it's time to call a professional. Your local gutter expert can fix the problem and prevent water damage to your landscaping, siding, foundation, and fascia.
  • Gutter cleaning: Cleaning your gutters can be a hassle. To save you time and stress, many gutter companies offer cleaning services. Clogged gutters and downspouts can result in water damage to your home, so they should be cleaned at least twice yearly.
  • Gutter installation: Your local gutter service providers can often install both gutters and gutter installation on your home. We recommend checking with at least three providers before committing to a purchase, as companies may offer different options.

Louisville Gutter Services FAQ

Do I need gutter guards in Louisville?

It's a good idea to install gutter guards on your Louisville house. Louisville has average tree cover, and if there are any trees around your home, you can expect twigs, leaves, and other tree debris to fall into your gutters when it rains. Guards can reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutters, helping prevent clogs.

Louisville has an average amount of tree cover, but even in yards with fewer trees, it's important to protect your gutters. Twigs, leaves, and other debris can get into your gutters when it rains, causing clogs and damage. Installing gutter guards helps minimize these issues by helping keep the debris out of your gutters in the first place.

Seamless gutters are extruded on-site in one continuous length. These gutters remove a common cause of issues in more traditional systems.

What are popular types of gutters in Louisville?

The most popular choice for homeowners is the K-style gutter. Half-round gutters are popular on houses that depart from the more angular, modern style. This gutter style is more expensive but has a pleasing, rustic appearance and is often more durable.

Do gutter guards eliminate the need for gutter cleaning?

Gutter guards won't completely eliminate the need to clean your gutters. However, a well-designed gutter guard will minimize the debris that washes into the gutter, cutting down on cleaning and maintenance.

Will my gutter system come with a warranty?

Many companies provide limited warranties for new gutter installation. Different providers may have different warranty options and terms. Read your contract and ask any questions before making a commitment.

Do I need to worry about my roof warranty when installing new gutters?

Occasionally, the installation of gutters or guards can void your roof warranty. This typically occurs if your roof tiles need to be lifted or removed. Talk to a local gutter professional and your warranty provider to learn more before committing to a gutter project.

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