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Clever Vac Attachments

Your home’s winter-weary nooks and crannies could use a little attention, even those outside. Think of this as a chance to deploy one of the latest specialty vacuum attachments—checking first to make sure it’s compatible with your machine

Snorkels into Gutters

Ridgid’s wet-vac Gutter Cleaning Kit can blow away or suck up leaves from the safety of terra firma and isn’t fazed by leaves that have decayed to wet clumps.

$30; Home Depot

Claws out Crumbs

Use this angled nozzle to annihilate the Doritos debris between your car seats. The Ridgid Claw Car Nozzle, like the gutter cleaner, has a 2½-inch fitting.

$9.96; Home Depot

Renews Your Furniture

Photo by Meg Reinhardt

The Vacuum Upholstery Tool has slide-on bristles so it can double as a duster.

$11; Vacuum Cleaner Market

Sniffs Under the Fridge

Photo by Meg Reinhardt

Long and skinny and bends like a yogi: The Flexible 24-inch Crevice Tool can slide under appliances and can even angle in and under the dryer lint trap. Like the upholstery tool, it has a 1 -inch fitting.

$18; Vacuum Cleaner Market