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  • Water – Let orchids dry out before watering. Once they’re dry, place them under a sink and run the water until it starts pouring out of the bottom of the pot. Once it does, count to ten before turning the water off.
  • Fertilizer – Use fertilizer “weakly weekly,” meaning use only a little bit of fertilizer once a week to keep the plant strong. Only fertilize after watering.
  • Ventilation – Place orchids in an area where there is ventilation and air can cycle through the plant.
  • Sunlight – Place orchids near a South/Southeast facing window, but don’t place them directly in sunlight.
  • Temperature – Drop the temperature in the room the orchids are at night to help them grow stronger.


Orchids and the products required to care for them, including fertilizer and planting media like sphagnum moss, can be purchased from a nursery or home center.