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How to Choose Houseplants

In this how-to video, learn to pick low-light houseplants with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to choose houseplants.

Steps:1. Know the sun exposure of each room for which you're buying houseplants.
2. To keep plants healthy avoid overwatering; water each plant thoroughly, then let top of soil dry out before watering again.
3. When re-potting a plant, move up to a pot that's about two inches larger.
4. Loosen up root ball, then line bottom of pot with clay-pot shards or stones.
5. Add some potting soil to pot.
6. Set plant in pot and adjust soil so top of root ball is about 1 inch below top of pot.
7. Pack soil tightly around plant.
8. Soak plant, then water as needed.