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What it means: Wet! Use water or a water-based cleaner.

Where you’ll see it: Seats, cushions, and slipcovers made from synthetics like polyester, nylon, acetate, herculon, or olefin.

What it means: Solvent, as in a dry-cleaning solvent. Water could damage material with this symbol.

Where you’ll see it: Natural-fiber fabrics, including cotton, silk, rayon, linen, and wool.

What it means: No liquids! Use a vacuum or brush to whisk away surface debris. Water or solvents could damage or shrink these materials.

Where you’ll see it: Fabric blinds and shades.

What it means: Spot clean only with water or solvent. Unless you know a stain is oil-based, try water first.

Where you’ll see it: Thicker, textured fabric that has a nap or pile, like velour.