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Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn; Inset: Mark Lund

In summertime, the projects should be just as easy as the livin'. Take this outdoor table: All you need is a few extra tiles, a folding luggage rack, plywood, and a length of molding.

Step 1

To create our tabletop, we laid out tiles, then cut the plywood to size.

Step 2

Adhesive mat (SimpleMat, about $22; quickly set the tile, which we then grouted.

Step 3

We added molding for a tray-like rim and caulked where it meets the tile.

Step 4

Screwing the top to the luggage rack from below adds stability.

Step 5

Blue paint ties it together. The result: a perfect spot to relax—and plenty of weekend left to enjoy.

Merola "Revival Ring" ceramic tile, about $1.97 each;