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Create Consistent Color In a Marble Tile Floor

There’s no shortcut to fine-tuning the color pattern in a marble tile floor. Custom homebuilder John Hourihan explains the process

Custom homebuilder John Hourihan believes in maintaining quality craftsmanship in all of his work. For him, that quality starts at the earliest stage of each part of the building process. In this video, he demonstrates one example of that process as he begins to unpack the marble herringbone tile for his latest build (#ivycustom on Instagram). Hourihan wants his clients to be happy, so he stages the tile in an open room in order to inspect the color consistency. Once he’s created what he believes to be a good representation, he invites his clients to make the final decision. This process ensures that no tiles need to be removed after they’ve been installed, so the job keeps moving forward.

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John Hourihan is a custom homebuilder serving the Boston and MetroWest areas of Massachusetts. He is also the co-host of The Modern Craftsman Podcast. Follow Hourihan on Instagram: @heresjohnnyh, @vintagebuilders, and @the.modercraftsman