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Classic Welcome

Photo by Tria Giovan

Barn doors aren't just for the farm anymore—they're one of the most sought-after features for homes of all styles. Whether you want an attention-grabbing entry, like the yellow mudroom door shown here; a space-saving solution, or an attractive way to divide rooms, there's a sliding barn door appropriate for your home. Read on for 11 beautiful options.

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Double-Duty Barn Doors

This savvy TOH reader used a set of sliding barn doors to separate the bedroom from the living space in her New York City apartment. When opened, as shown here, they cover two hidden closets.

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Barn Bedroom Doors

Photo by Mark Lohman

Interior designer Gail Claridge converted a mid-century horse barn into her home. Former stalls now hold bedrooms and baths behind sliding doors.

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Room Divider

Photo by Courtesy of Custom Service Hardware Inc.

In this open-concept home, large sliding barn doors are used to create a little privacy as needed, without permanently closing off the rooms. High windows on the door design allow for light to pass between the rooms.

Find an interior rolling-barn-door hardware kit like the one used here from Custom Service Hardware.

Closet Sliders

Photo by Alan Shortall

To keep an open-feel in this master bathroom, sliding doors made of walnut and frosted glass can be closed to conceal a walk-in closet. Built-in dressers flank the closet.

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Farmhouse Entertaining

Photo by John Gruen

An airy great room adjacent to guest rooms invites socializing, but barn doors upstairs and downstairs close when guests turn in.

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$40 Salvaged Door

Photo by Courtesy of

Brenda, who blogs at, found this old green door at her local ReStore and used simple hardware-store materials to hang it in her home.

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Rustic Wood Doors

Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

These tall doors were used to set off a first-floor office alcove. They also make a handsome focal point in the living room, open or closed.

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Barn-Style Pantry Doors

Inside the kitchen of a 110-year-old farmhouse, TOH reader Jeff M. replaced old swinging doors to the pantry with a set of sliding barn doors. He included the hardware to add even more character.

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Disguised Pantry

Photo by Robbie Caponetto

In a narrow kitchen, a fully loaded grid of open shelves and cabinets disappears behind this distressed sliding door.

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Small Master Suite Solution

Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

In a small bedroom with bath en suite, a sliding barn-style door closes off the bath without taking up extra space.

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Laundry Room Doorway

Photo by Courtesy of

Kristin, blogger at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia added a sliding barn door to maximize space in her laundry room. The old door swung inward to the tiny workspace. Now, the doors don't get in the way.

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