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Sliding Barn Doors: A Story Behind Every Door

Three readers take three different approaches to closing off a room while adding architectural charm

Upcycled French Doors

"My husband, Matt, and I are big on repurposing as many original elements of our 100-year-old home as we can. We saved these French doors during our renovation and hung them between the kitchen and the dining room, letting the sunshine flow through."

—Shirley Watson

Southport, North Carolina

Repurposed Panel Door

"Our kitchen was very shiny and white, and I thought it could use some patina. We salvaged a panel door and brought it with us from Rhode Island, then got all the pieces we'd need to make a track for $194 from a ranch-supply store here in Billings. I love that it retains a little of the New England history."

—Jennifer French

Billings, Montana

Classic Z-Shape

"We felt that a more rustic style of barn door would work the best with the rest of our old house. I laid out boards reclaimed from my father's barn until I got the basic shape I wanted. Then I just cut them to size, nailed it all together, stained and sealed the wood, and hung it from a track I found on Etsy."

—Joanna Knox Yoder

Laurel, Maryland