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Zoysia Grass???

has anyone herd of Zoysia grass??? dose it work??? is it a good lawn replacement??? is it easy to maintain??? i sure wish Roger Cook could give me his opinion on Zoysia grass...

Re: Zoysia Grass???

I have had it before, how well it does depends on your climate, and how much sun or shade it gets, it has pretty course blades, and does well in shade.

Re: Zoysia Grass???

In Maryland it turns straw colored after frost and stays that way until late spring.
It has a tendency to spread which may not make your neighbors happy.
I don't think it does well in shade.
It gets very dense and will prevent a lot of weeds from growing, but isn't weed free.
Kind of slow growing.
I believe it is more popular in southern climates.
Not the wonderlawn advertised in the Sunday supplements.

Re: Zoysia Grass???

It is very coarse and ugly. I think astroturf looks better then Zoysia

Re: Zoysia Grass???

I agree with ed21. I have Zoysia as well and other grasses are progressively making their way in. And, yes, in Maryland, it is very unattractive in the winter.

Perhaps it does better in southern climates where it may have the chance to stay green?

On the positive side, it is very lush and thick and looks nice freshly mowed.

Re: Zoysia Grass???

i live in the atlanta georgia area and put some Zoysia down around my patio and loved it! it is a creeping grass and has a lush look and feel to it. it will go dormant in the winter, so if you like to have a green lawn year round, stay away from this. Like i said, i loved it, like walking on a carpet in your barefeet.
Hope this helps?

Re: Zoysia Grass???

In the Northeast, zoysia grass is considered an intrusive weed. It was planted by my neighbor many years ago, and it has been invading our beautiful Kentucky bluegrass/perennial ryegrass lawn. It does not green up until late May, and it begins to brown in late Sept as soon as it gets cold. It's impervious to bugs and most diseases, but it's ugly (my opinion) and is very difficult to mow, as it is very thick. The blades are not fine, they are fairly coarse. It is planted and propagated via plugs, not seed.

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