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Zone Valve

Hello ,
I have an Hb smith boiler and a Biasi add on Woodboiler, with 3 zones,
1 for my bradford white hotwater storage tank,
1 for the basement, and
1 for the main floor and there are 3 flo control valves one for each zone.
My question is this; If I have the wood boiler going and the power goes out I will have a overheating problem in the wood boiler causing the pressure release valve to open and you got it, water all over that place.
I was told that I can install whats called a zone valve that has power going to it at all times and if the power goes out the valve opens allowing the water to bypass the flo control valve and circulating the water to one of the zones by gravity.

What type of zone valve do I need and how do I install it. I hope soneone can help me here. I do know how to sweat pipes.
Thanks a million

Re: Zone Valve

I would recommend you contact a heating contractor to see if they can install the zone valve in this situation.

Zone valves are usually 24V thermostat-driven devices that require some modification of the piping, and are wired to turn on the circulator and fire the boiler when heat is needed.

Re: Zone Valve

Ok the heating contractor said its possible and it will cost me around $250.00 to have it done. I'm still looking to do it myself to save a few bucks if possible. I just need some guidelines to go by.

jim hankinson
Re: Zone Valve

One of the most commonly used zone valves used for this purpose is the Automag. http://www.automagzonevalve.net Some states, such as Maine, require this on a dump zone.

Re: Zone Valve

Thanks a lot Jim ,;;this is very helpful!

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