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Yellow Pine flooring has shrunk and cupped

I have Yellow Pine flooring which has shrunk since install 2 years ago. Is there a way to fill the cracks? I was thinking something like a tile grout that would fill the cracks and allow me to refinish and stain? Some of these cracks are almost 1/2 an inch! The flooring has also cupped. I did get the crawl space encapsulated and had to put some foundation jacks in to level after the fact. I really need some help here!

Re: Yellow Pine flooring has shrunk and cupped

The gaps are too wide to be filled conventionally. Seems to me that the flooring wasn't dry when laid or hadn't been 'acclimated' to the house long enough before it was laid. Yellow pine is considered a 'framing only' wood in these parts because it warps, cups, and shrinks excessively by it's very nature. The only cure for the cupping is planing or sanding it flat again, but that won't help with the gaps.

I know you don't want to hear this but the only real fix is to remove and re-lay or replace the flooring. And I'd advise against yellow pine for flooring this time. Even when done correctly it has a hard and sort grain structure which will wear unevenly, and the soft parts are really soft making them prone to denting. It's not really a good flooring material for a home.


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