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Yard and Lawn

My husband and I decided to really do an some what proffesional job on our lawn and make it look great this year. ONE BIG PROBLEM we have GRUBS and our shrubs are looking shabby, and our backyard is covered with voilets. I know now that this is a bigger job than we alone can do, and with the economy it's tough on the budget, but I really don't want to go another year with our lawn and yard looking like someone doesn't care, which in turn also makes the outside of the house look really bad too.:eek:
We really need your help and assitants PLEASE ;)

Re: Yard and Lawn

a really easy suggestion, Fertilize. The thicker grass will handle grubs. Or you could add a grub killer as well.

For Shabby shrubs, consider the age of the bush, if it's planted properly, if it's trimmed properly, and whether plantings at the bottom of the shrub would make it look better.

I suggest plantings in opposite colors. Light leaves, Dark blooms
Dark leaves, bright blooms.

I'll be back with plant suggestions.

Have a great day

Re: Yard and Lawn

Okay after thinking about it, Are you sure your shrubs are planted in the right sun area/zone.

Then you need to fertilize them too.

Okay, my suggestion for plantings against Light leaves---Dark purple petunias, cox combs, celosia, dark purple salvia, monarda-not the bush variety.

Dark leaves--lantana, celosia, petunias, begonias, red salvia, stock, nicotina,zinnias

The emphasis is to bring your eye to the blooms and leave the shrubs be while they "recover"

Yard and Lawn

You can buy a blade for that model,but I really would not recommend it.Great price for that tractor w/bagger though.

Re: Yard and Lawn

My suggestion is to first check with your neighbors and see if they ever experienced the same kind of growths and what they did to take care of it. Second, you need some fertilizing treatments and it may take two seasons to start looking good. I would use a professional company for this season and then try it in your own next. After that, you'll be able to deal with the shrubs and the grass. Get some estimates, I think you can get a few professional applications for just a few hundred dollars. If your budget allows, go for it.
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Re: Yard and Lawn

The beauty of this old house forum is that every time i visit this forum and get some useful knowledge from it.

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Re: Yard and Lawn

I am also on a tight budget. What I have done in the past was to put out an email to family and friends asking that if they are doing any landscaping, and have any shrubs, plants, or materials they are no longer using, to let me know.....I've gotten some plants this way, and a couple of nice shrubs. Also check places like Craigs List, I just got a boat load of Pachysandra, just had to dig it up....I also lucked out and got enough Pavers to do a 20x20 Patio....edging pavers and all...just had to remove them.....some of it is hard work, but the materials are free, and my labor is cheap.

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