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Write Your Real Estate Agent Resume - Like to Captivate the Hiring Manager

One of the most frustrating parts of job search is that it always starts with a resume. Sure, for those of us who have no troubles crafting a decent resume, this isn’t frustrating at all. However, those, who aren’t skilled in that, risk getting fewer opportunities and finding not the best job for their skill set - simply because they fail to present them right.

Here are some tips on how to make your resume more captivating and less cliche:

1. Craft a great headline.

Sure enough, you can simply name the file «Resume» or mention the position you’re applying to in the headline. But instead, try making the headline more specific and relatable to your experience. For example, instead of writing «Graphic Designer», name it «Designer - Pattern and Icon Creator».

And, of course, don’t forget to expand it a bit more in the cover letter or in the body of your resume.

2. Come up with your unique solution for the company.

It never hurts to emphasize how important it is for the job seekers to demonstrate their value for the company they’re applying to. This might seem simple and obvious but there are a lot of candidates who either think about their own benefits only or simply don’t demonstrate the opposite.

Here are some reasons why a company could hire you:

- you have a unique skill/a valuable skill set;

- you can make them a lot of money;

- you can reduce the time company spends on completing certain tasks;

- you can help them save money;

- you can organize or teach the company’s employees.

Pick a reason that applies to you the most and try to make this reason easily seen with the help of your resume. You can state this directly in the beginning and then use the rest of your resume to support that.

3. Use a story to demonstrate why you’re a valuable candidate.

Yes, this approach surely differs from what you usually see in resume templates. You probably often hear that a resume should be as short and specific as possible - but actually, that’s not how it always works. Any top resume writer could tell you that while the HRs don’t always have enough time to read each resume thoroughly, they still like to see a story in it - just like the most people do.

4. Support your resume during your interview.

Resume writing is only a part of the hiring process. And if you receive the desired invitation, you should do your best to let the interview support what you’ve described in your resume.

And while you probably already know how to answer the most basic interview questions and how to ask your own ones, you should also focus on some stories that you might want to deliver. This could either be an impressive story from your previous place of work.

Crafting a compelling resume is no easy thing - but that’s also not the reason to use cliches and follow templates. Keep our tips in mind, experiment, ask the HRs for feedback if possible - and soon you’ll be able to captivate the hiring managers with your resume.


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