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wrapped wood-grain finish peeling off steel door

My house is almost 20 years old, and I bought it about five years ago. The exterior steel door has a wood-grain-style coating that I assume was applied at the factory, and it wraps around the front and back of the door. I'm not sure who the door vendor is.

Anyway ... this wood-grain coating is peeling off. Do I have any good options for repairing the door by removing the coating and painting the door? Or do I need to replace the door? I'm trying to be frugal but not at the expense of a crummy-looking door.

I'm attaching a couple photos: one shows the peeling coating while the other shows the top off the door where you can see the edges of these wood-grain coatings wrapping around the top of the door.

Lastly, I'm pretty new to home improvement projects. I apologize up front if I'm asking dumb questions!

Re: wrapped wood-grain finish peeling off steel door

If its the front door I'd replace it.....1st thing people see
If it all peels off easily you could repaint
But I think you might end up with parts that will not come off easily

Other option if you know door Mfg call them & see what they say
Not sure what their warranties are like

Re: wrapped wood-grain finish peeling off steel door

Hey Bendem,

I am Gregg with The Home Depot in Chicago. That is very interesting. I've never seen a grain coating on a steel door before, but I have seen that type of construction of the door before. Check the hinges, hinge side of the slab, or the top of the door for the manufacture.

If getting a new door is out of the question than I would just glue it back down. Use an exterior rated all purpose adhesive and stick it back down. I would then fill the cracks where it ripped off. Use an exterior putty like Plastic Wood, then sand it smooth and repaint. That should last a few years and not be that noticeable. Good luck.-Gregg


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