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Wraparound porch-How to attach to addition

I've always loved wraparound porches and would like to extend my front porch around to the side of the house. However, I can't seem to visualize how the porch roof will tie in with the roof over the rear addition. I want the porch to look like it belongs on the house. The front porch is about 8.5 ft wide and the back addition is approx. 11 ft. wide. I am willing to totally remove the old front porch in order to build something that will look good and wrap around to the side, covering the side door. Can anyone provide me with some ideas on how to accomplish this porch renovation?

Re: Wraparound porch-How to attach to addition

It looks like the porch roof attaches to the house at close to the same level as the back roof. Build you platform acros the side of the house and the front porch. Remove the overhang on the back roof. Set a post on the coeners and run a rafter from the house corners to those posts. I hope the simple drawings will make sense.

Re: Wraparound porch-How to attach to addition

Thank you, Jack.

Your drawings helped me visualize how all the roof parts come together. Yes, the porch roof does attach to the house at approx. the same level as the back roof. Since the depth of the front porch and the back addition are different I wasn’t sure it would work. Is it possible then to make the side porch any depth I want? I don’t want it to be any more than 8.5 ft wide because that’s the depth of the front porch and I really don’t need it any deeper, plus the driveway is about 14 ft from the house wall. I’ve attached a plan I made with Microsoft Word based on your drawings. It’s drawn to approx. scale and appears to work. Hopefully the building inspector will accept it as my plan and I can go ahead with the construction.

Thank you again!

Re: Wraparound porch-How to attach to addition

the drawing is pretty good, it just needs measurements and maybe a lot layout so they can check for easements for your location,

for the actual framing of the roof, dont forget the hip rafter should be doubled and made of stock 2" larger than the common rafters

Re: Wraparound porch-How to attach to addition

Try building a model of your house and add the porch to see how it looks. It doesn't have to be pretty, but is more of a massing model.Build it to scale, but do it simply with corrugated cardboard or foamcore board to make it easy to go together. Elmers or hot glue works fine. 1/4" to a foot is probably a good scale to work in.

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