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Worms in bookcase

I had a beautiful floor-to-ceiling bookcase built of old oak that had been stored in a barn. The wood was planed, sanded, cut and stained before being fumigated. It has now been polyurethaned and installed, and I still have worms. My termite guy has sprayed it with chemical. I've sprayed and painted it with several different chemicals. I'd love to keep this bookcase off the burn pile. Does anyone know of anything else I can try?

Re: Worms in bookcase

Beings that it is oak, chances are it is powder post beetle rather than worms. Normal treatment is with borate, but that could be problematic because it is finished.


Re: Worms in bookcase

Try Bacullus Thuringiensis. You can find it as Green Way BT Worm Killer at Lowes, but you can also find it at most garden centers and probably at most home centers under different brand names. It is a biological that is safe for humans, but I would not recommend drinking it and I try to avoid the mist, it smell nasty.

You can inject it into the holes in the wood or remove the finish and spray the wood directly. This is one of the most effective treatments against insects that are in their larval stage. After that, then treat the wood with a sodium borate solution.

One very effective solution is 1.5 lbs Borax, 1 lb of Boric Acid (Roach Powder) mixed in a gallon of 50:50 mix of antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and water. You need to heat the water/antifreeze solution up to about 280°F to get it to mix good but do that outdoors and stay upwind of the antifreeze. I use a propane camp stove to do this, and an old pot that will never be used for cooking again. Really soak the wood, then refinish.

BTW, you can use used antifreeze if you want and it can be a little weaker than 50:50. If using fresh antifreeze, try heating it alone, mix in the borates, then add water.

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