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wooden pegs for nailing into walls

i am looking for a source where i can buy wooden pegs, with a nail at the end, which is slanted, for hanging my mug collection. the wooden pegs are the most attractive holders i've seen; i purchased a few about 10 years ago, but i cannot find them anymore. any suggestions?

Re: wooden pegs for nailing into walls

I have never seen the ones you discribe but cup pegs are avalable at www.bennyswoodworks.com , and I believe www.rockler.com and www.leevalley.com


Re: wooden pegs for nailing into walls

The ones featured in the picture from Mr. McDaniel are called "Shaker Pegs" I believe. They work best when you use a piece of 1x4 something like it and drill holes for the pegs to fit into. You could drive a screw through the back, into the screw, if you'd like. Otherwise white glue or epoxy should work fine.

Good Luck.

Re: wooden pegs for nailing into walls

I bought 2 wooden peg racks, like you're describing, to hang pots and pans from, and they are hard wood. I got them at a furniture store that sells shaker style furniture. However I also found them at Target (about 6 or 7 years ago) and at my local Home Depot, or Menards hardware/lumber store. Also check at local woodworking stores, where you might buy stuff for home repair. Or you could make one. cut a piece of lumbar to width x length x thickness you desire, measure for the holes to be drilled across it for the pegs, and drill holes where you want to insert (and glue in) the pegs, then buy dowel rods, measure length you want pegs to be,cut the dowels to length of each peg, and stick into the holes you drilled out. squirt a bit of wood glue into each hole (once you're certain the pegs will fit), then insert each dowel/peg. Allow to dry 24 hours and install on wall, hang your mugs on it, you're done.

Rodney H
Re: wooden pegs for nailing into walls

Shaker pegs are readily available at most all craft shops. Just a bit of caution if using a screw on the backside. Drill a pilot hole so the peg does not crack or split. Most shaker pegs are a very hard wood. Generally, just a hole into the board, with some good wood glue will be all you need. I have made several shaker peg holders for clothing in the garage.

Good luck.

Re: wooden pegs for nailing into walls

Ecbeast, in case you are still looking for wooden pegs for nailing into walls, I searched the web and found only one place selling them. It is a website called Garrett Wade. Do a search for "Hardwood Hanging Pegs" and it should come right up. Unfortunately, I am a new user, and unable to include a link to the URL. Hope that helps.

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