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Wood Window Repair : Removing Parting Bead Question

I am in the process of repairing the old wood double hung windows in my house. I've pulled off the stops and removed the lower sash, however when I look to remove the parting bead, it appears the upper sash has a groove in it that over laps the parting bead. How do I take out the parting bead with the upper sash pinning it in place?

I hope that makes sense, If I can get a decent photo I will post it.

Thank you for your advice.

Re: Wood Window Repair : Removing Parting Bead Question

Loosen the lower portion of the parting bead. Push it back into place. Lower the upper sash to the sill. Then you can work the parting bead loose starting from the top. With the upper sash all the way down the bead will flex enough to slide out from behind the projection on the lower rail of the sash.

Re: Wood Window Repair : Removing Parting Bead Question

Thank you for your reply. I will unstick the upper sash and give it a go.

Re: Wood Window Repair : Removing Parting Bead Question

Most times you can slip a putty knife between the beveled edge of the sash and the parting bead which will twist out over it. Since I encounter so many painted or caulked stuck upper sashes this has become my first 'trick'. If the parting bead seems like it won't go without breaking only then do I try to lower the upper sash and go about it the 'proper' way. I find it a lot easier to get a stuck top sash loose without damage by swinging the bottom in after the bead is gone since it's all done from the inside. I start the 'proper way' only on historical restorations where any damage is too much. I pulled 5 windows on one built about 1948 this way today- it's heading to becoming a rental so the owner wanted double insulated replacements. Monday will see me doing the others, along with some framing where water destroyed a sill and the framing under it :( Great house otherwise!


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