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Wood wall

My old house, circa 1906 has solid wood walls that have not been plastered. Unfortunately, the wood is uneven and has large gaps between the boards in places. I am wanting to be able to paint or paper the walls and know my options may be limited. If I install drywall, I will have to take off the window and door trim and floor molding leaving the issue of redoing the casings. If I butt the drywall to the trim, it ruins the effect. Is it possible to plaster the walls with mud and if I do, what are the consequences? IE; will it crack in time or if the house shifts? Are there other options that I have not thought about? Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. All these problems these old houses cause, but oh what a joy to own one!

Hank Bauer
Re: Wood wall

If you plaster the walls you will have the same effect with trim as you would with sheet rock.
Also to plaster you would have to apply a paper backing on any premiter wall, Metal lath would be required than at least, no less than 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch of plaster total thicknees about 7/8 inch over the existing wood.
As for cracking YES it will crack due to the width of the planks.
Mabe you should look at 1/4 inch drywall board. ( it is used for improving sound in multilayer partitions.)

Re: Wood wall

Thank you for your advice. Would you remove the trim or butt it up next to it?

Re: Wood wall

I just discovered similar walls below lath and plaster - I also had questions. I guess I am lucky as I have about 3/4 inches to work with. Hard to say what I would do in your place. Are you going to insulate also? You might have to remove the trim if you want traditional plater walls. How about thin luan with a paper on top?

I was wondering if I wanted to install a plastic vapor barrier below my blue-board, should I just sandwich it between the surfaces of should I raise the plastic/drywall above with 1/4 inch firring?

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