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Re: Wood Stairway


The OP only mentioned adding flooring to the 2nd floor and stairs.

That is why I mentioned the problem of adding height to the stairs without adding height to the first floor.

Gotta run. Cheers,



Re: Wood Stairway

Thanks for the responses. I am going to use 3/4 thick flooring, glued and nailed, whether its the original MDF or if I put 3/4 plywood on top of MDF. Another idea I had was to use jig saw and carefully cut the bullnose off of the current MDF. That way I do not think any dimensions will be changed, ie. everything gets elevated by the 3/4" flooring. I am an experienced woodworker/home remodeler but haven't run into this before. Thanks again, some good discussions and ideas.

Re: Wood Stairway

Bass, when he said he was heading down the stairs it was hard to tell if he was doing the lower floor or not. If he's not the lower risers the only riser that will be different. And it may not be much different if there already carpet/padding/tack strip down there now. I doubt who ever cut the stairs deducted the carpet and padding into the stair layout, Heck I never do.....

This has been some good discussion anyways....


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