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wood spacers in patio

The wood spacers between the concrete panels in our patio are rotting out. What can I put into the crevices to reduce trip hazard? Sand, gravel, polymeric sand?

Most of the panels are 3"x3". A few are 6'x4'

Thank you.

A. Spruce
Re: wood spacers in patio

You can do a few things, replace the wood, inlay brick, or fill with colored cement.

I would not recommend gravel or sand because those items won't stay in the hole, they will continually be scattered across the patio and be the bane of your existence.

Re: wood spacers in patio

I agree with spruce, except forget about replacing with new wood. Use masonry product only.

Re: wood spacers in patio

Thank you both. I really like the brick idea,but (as I neglected to mention) the spacers are 1x2 on edge so the gap is too narrow.I think red concrete would look really good.

Would mortar hold, or should I tint quickcrete (or something similar)?

Thank you again.

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