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Wood Putty

Can anyone recommend a good wood putty that will take a dark stain such as walnut? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I've tried mixing my own with sawdust and glue, but can't get the mixture right so that it takes stain well. Too much glue I guess. Thanks in advance for your help.

Calcats :confused:

Re: Wood Putty

A number of companies make wood filler/dough like plastic wood or dap. You can get it pre-tinted different colors or natural. It never takes stain the same as the wood your filling in my experience. I've usually painted over it.

A. Spruce
Re: Wood Putty

I like the Dap brand Plastic Wood

It has an acetone solvent that evaporates quickly, so that the material dries fast and is ready to sand in minutes. All stainable fillers will stain darker than the surrounding wood, however if care is used in the placement and application of the fasteners, the spots of filler look more like tiny knots than filled fasteners.

If you want a filler that will nearly disappear, then use Color Putty.

Stain your wood first, then use a combination of the premixed colors to make your own custom color to perfectly match the stain. The great thing about this product and method is that you can lighten or darken the putty as is needed for the graining and staining effects on the wood, making the filled fasteners virtually invisible. To be clear here, Color Putty is NOT a stainable filler, it is an oil based filler that you'll apply after the material has been stained, then you can top coat with sealer.

Re: Wood Putty

Thank you both for your replys, I will try the DAP plastic wood and the color putty and see which I like best. Thanks again to both of you.

Calcats ;)

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