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wood over tile

can anyone help . can you install wood flooring over tile ?

Re: wood over tile

If you are talking about laminate flooring, it can go over just about any nearly flat surface. If you mean hard wood over vinyl, I believe you can if you have a good sub floor. If you mean hardwood of ceramic tile I would say that would not be recommended.

Re: wood over tile
pettitte245 wrote:

can anyone help . can you install wood flooring over tile ?

Ditto Jack's post.

You haven't provided much information.
If you are talking about nail down hardwood over ceramic it ain't simple and consider the extra thickness ------ also depending on the room ---- say a kitchen adds to considerations of extra thickness for cabinets and appliances.

Tracy Pickett
Re: wood over tile

Thanks Jack and Canuk,
It is on a slab. Over the slab is a square tile (I believe it to
be asphalt). The kind you don't want to mess with. I now have
carpet over the tile. I would like to put down plain old pine
wood over the tile. Then to paint is with a pattern. My daugther
did this in a bedroom. My floor is in a bedroom, so not a whole
lot of traffic.

Re: wood over tile

I have done it in my kitchen. Just glue it down right on top of ceramic tile.

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